In the Požega-Slavonia County, more precisely in Pleternica, the Museum of Bećar will open soon

Bećarca Museum interpretation center, located in Pleternica's Trg Bećarca, tells the story of the proud plain at first glance, according to the concrete paving


21. October 2022.

The opening of one of the most important cultural institutions in Slavonia, but also in Croatia, is getting closer every day. It's about Interpretation Center Museum of Bećarca, located on Trg Bećarca in Pleternica, which already tells the story of the proud plain at first glance from the concrete paving. Especially if you look from the top of the building at the painted panels representing fertile Slavonian fields, sown wheat, plowed furrows and mowed meadows.

It is the vision of Andrije Rusan, the designer from Zagreb who created the project of the square, but is also actively involved in equipping and decorating the Museum.

While the furniture and multimedia that will present Bećarac are being set up these days, the director and camera crews have finished their work, and the last details of the installation of the multimedia exhibits that will present visitors with this traditional song protected as an intangible cultural asset by UNESCO are nearing completion.

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"The museum is the crown of many years of work on EU projects, but also a demonstration of how small communities like Pleternica can and should carry out large projects. Not in the context of finances, but in the context of taking responsibility for the interpretation of important segments of our tradition, which the city of Bećarac certainly is.", says Marija Šarić, mayor of Pleternica.

Tourist indicators within the last few years show the growth of continental tourism and the intention of an active vacation with new knowledge in the form of getting to know the area they are coming to. The Pleternički Museum in Bećarca combines all of the above and will surely become an essential point on the tourist map of Continental Croatia.

"We are doing numerous activities in parallel with the completion of the museum, so one of the first guests will be students and their professors, because a key part of tourism is to make the local environment and the youngest aware of what we have and what they can learn in that area. We have also ensured cooperation with travel agencies, that is, to their agents from all over Croatia who have already visited our Terra Panonica. Those two neighboring buildings with their contents are a platform for everyone who has an affinity to offer their products.", added Šarić.

Antonija Jozić, today's prefect, and during the beginning of the project, the mayor of Pleternica, agrees with this.

"What we felt from our people is the need to be brave and daring, to create new values ​​through innovation. At the beginning of the creation of the project and the construction of the square, there were different opinions, but as time goes on, it is very nice to see how well this kind of project is accepted by everyone greater number of people, not only in Pleternica and Požega-Slavonia County, but also beyond", said Jozic.

Photo source: Požega-Slavonia County Tourist Board
Cover photo: Igor Šeler/ HTZ


21. October 2022.