Ceremonial opening of the leading hotel and investment conference in Europe - Adria Hotel Forum 2017

Today, the fifth ADRIA HOTEL FORUM was officially opened: "Investments in the hotel industry", one of the leading hotel and investment conferences in Europe, which from year to year monitors and interrogates ...

Today, the fifth ADRIA HOTEL FORUM was officially opened: "Investments in the hotel industry", one of the leading hotel and investment conferences in Europe, which from year to year monitors and questions relevant phenomena in the hotel industry, and this year deals with the development of central DEVELOPMENT AND BEYOND

In her welcome speech, AHF Director Marina Franolić pointed out that the changes in the world caused by terrorist attacks are reflected in the hotel industry market, but at the same time these processes open up opportunities for our region to show itself in the best light.

Minister of Tourism Gari Capelli pointed out that more than 800 million euros will be invested in tourism in Croatia this year, which will open and renovate about 50 hotels on the coast, and that in the future tourist boards must become a bridge between investors and tourism. that, in addition to seasonality, the problem of competitiveness remained because Croatia, according to the competitiveness index, ranks only 12th among the countries of southern and southeastern Europe."Apart from the entire Croatian economy, tourism is of great importance as an element of Croatian national identity, which we are extremely proud of. One of the biggest challenges is to provide tourists with products based on new experiences and unique experiences. This is the only way we can attract tourists to a particular destination throughout the year, and it is in this segment that hotel accommodation, especially high-category hotels, has the greatest contribution. Namely, slightly more than half of the tourist traffic is realized in hotels, and the fact that last year the number of arrivals and overnight stays in hotels grew by 8,5 percent is especially gratifying. Investments in the hotel industry and raising the quality of accommodation facilities are one of the important goals of this Government. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to activate unused state property and, above all, to encourage "brownfiled" investments, which do not imply new interventions in space. This is in line with the sustainable development of tourism in Croatia, which is one of the main strategic development determinants" Minister Cappelli pointed out and added that one of the foundations of Croatia's economic development, including tourism, is investment.

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The first presentation "Look into the future" was held by dr.sc. Sanja Čižmar, from Hotel and Destination Consulting. "We are facing a rapid pace of change that is affecting not only the hotel industry and we can talk about digital Darwinism, the evolution of the digital sphere to which it needs to adapt and anticipate", Emphasized Čižmar. Hotel companies need to become more open, innovative, as those in the "sharing economy" have done, and whose future lies in transforming into an "on-demand" industry that is in direct contact with the millennial consumer, who is more focused than ever on experience. , with a quality product. The world is changing, and so are we, concluded Čižmar.

In 2015, hotel transactions in Europe were at a record high, amounting to over 38,4 billion Euros compared to 16,5 billion Euros in 2014. At the same time, transactions in Central and Eastern Europe accounted for only 6% of total European transactions, while in the SEE region this percentage was negligible; only 0,9%.





Research shows that in 2016, the European market saw a decline in hotel sales transactions, geopolitical instability, deflation, a slowdown in economic growth and increased labor costs. The profitability of investing in budget hotels is predicted, and there is potential - 1 trillion USD of unused loans from European banks, of which 50% relates to the Mediterranean area. "What makes me especially happy is the fact that despite the excellent results in tourism, we are continuously working on innovations and encouraging further investments. In the last 10 years, 120 new hotels with 20 new beds have been opened in Croatia. Hotel accommodation as such is still the main carrier of the investment cycle in tourism, and I hope that it will be so in the future.", Concluded the Minister and added that much more can be done in tourism, among other things, by creating better business conditions which would make the hotel industry in Croatia even more efficient and achieve better business results.



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