Investments and innovative solutions are the future of tourism

Investments, innovations, preservation of the environment and care for people are key to the full recovery of tourism.


27. September 2023.

World Tourism Day is celebrated all over the world 27. September. This time of year was chosen symbolically as the time when the main tourist season ends in the northern hemisphere and begins in the southern hemisphere.

Given that this day has a long tradition of celebration - for more than forty years - the topics covered so far have been truly diverse. It's this year's Tourism and green investments.

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) points out that investments are one of the key priorities for recovery tourism after the pandemic, important for future growth and development, which needs to be achieved with innovative solutions. At the same time, care must be taken to preserve the environment and sustainability.

Continued transformation of the sector in the focus of the 10th Forum of the Global Tourism Economy

On the occasion of World Tourism Day Bureau of Statistics (DZS) published an overview of tourism indicators. What can be immediately concluded from the data is that tourist arrivals and overnight stays in the past decade have been on a continuous increase, with the exception of the pandemic 2020. 

Croatian tourism achieved an 8% growth in arrivals in the first eight months

According to the latest available annual data, the year 2022, in which 90 million overnight stays were recorded, almost reached the pre-pandemic figures of 2019. However, the number of arrivals is slightly lower than then.

Growth in the number of accommodation units

The number of accommodation capacities is growing year by year, and in 2022 there were 415 rooms, apartments and camping sites available to tourists in Croatia, which is 2013 percent more than in 34,3 - the year Croatia joined the European Union.

If you compare the year of Croatia's entry into the European Union with the data for 2022, it is obvious that in both years the most loyal guests were Germans, who - among foreign tourists - had the most overnight stays. They are followed by Slovenians and Austrians.

For their annual vacation, Germans still choose destinations that offer plenty of sun and sea

If we look at the data on the average number of overnight stays upon arrival, the order is somewhat different. In 2022, Germans were in first place with an average of 7,2 overnight stays per arrival, followed by Czechs with 6,6, and Slovaks with 6,4 overnight stays per arrival.

In 2013, the highest average number of overnight stays was achieved by Russians, 8,1 overnight stays per arrival, followed by Danes with 7,7, and Germans with 7,5 overnight stays per arrival.

Preservation of the environment and care for people

Tourists to Croatia most like to come on their own arrangements, as shown by the data for 2022, when almost three quarters of tourists, or more precisely 71,1 percent of them, arrived individually, while 28,9 percent of them came organized.

When it comes to accommodation, tourists traditionally stay mostly in rooms, apartments, studio-apartments and holiday homes, where 2022 percent of overnight stays were made in 49,1, while in second place are campsites with 23,2 percent, and in third place are hotels with 20,3 percent of the total number of overnight stays.

Analysis: recovery of Croatian tourism, winning camps after the COVID crisis

Croatia, a small country for a big holiday, as the tourist slogan used to say, has a lot to offer its tourists, so it is not surprising that the numbers are growing year after year.

It is already well known to everyone that the Croatian economy rests on this branch of the economy, and if we want competitive and sustainable tourism, it will be necessary to respect the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization in business and to apply them more and more in the future. innovative solutions aimed at preserving the environment and caring for people.

The declaration of the G20 leaders in New Delhi emphasizes the key role of tourism in promoting sustainable social and economic development

Photo: Arriva travel
Source: Bureau of Statistics



27. September 2023.