Island kulenijada: Kulen must have a price of 50 euros


25. June 2022.

The best kulen masters gathered this Saturday, June 25, in the youngest Croatian town of Otok, more precisely in the green oasis of Otok - Bioecological Education Center Virovi. 

This year's 19th "Island Kulenijada" organized by the City of Otok - which for the past eighteen years held a competition for producers in the quality of kulen, tasted highly rated kulen, and awarded recognitions to the best - began with a professional lecture for kulen producers eminent lecturers from Zagreb and University of Osijek.

Head of the Administrative Department for Agriculture of Vukovar-Srijem County, Andrija Matić, He assessed the lecture as purposeful, and the response of existing and potential producers as extraordinary, and added:

"Along with other very useful information presented at the training, it was interesting to hear how research has confirmed that pig meat fed oak acorns has no significant impact on the quality of kulen, and our intention was to dispel some doubts in this regard from both producers and consumers." Participants in the training found the lectures interesting and useful. 

Test specimens3

The island kulenijada, which is held as part of the "Island Spring" event, has been moved from the city to the Virovi Bioecological Education Center this year with the aim of promoting and better recognizing this new tourist destination, which was opened to the public more than a year ago. 

"This event means a lot to the island region. The island's kulenijada has been held for 19 years, and from the day it was launched until today, we have managed to maintain this tradition, but also to achieve certain changes in the quality of organization and implementation. From this year, only kulen producers registered in the Register of approved establishments in the food business and / or entered in the Register of registered establishments in the business of food of animal origin have the right to participate in Kulenijada. We have made progress in the issue of the evaluation committee, so for this purpose we have hired experts from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, and certified tasters. We do all this in order to better present the kulen that we love, appreciate and are proud of on the Croatian and European gastro-scene, in order to support kulen producers with this promotion, but also to promote our city ”, said the mayor of the City of Otok, Josip Saric. 


OPG SLAVICA DŽINIĆ - champion kulen
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Assoc. Prof. Ivica Kos, Ph.D.

Having the best kulen has always been a prestige and a great recognition, so the interest in this event is great. 35 samples from 21 individual producers were registered for this year's Kulenijada.

The best kulen from Stari Mikanovac

He was declared the champion kulen of the family farm of Slavica Đinić from Stari Mikanovac, the title of vice-champion was awarded kulen of the family farm of Janko Čuha from Soljan. 

The samples were evaluated by a five-member evaluation committee, and the kulen was evaluated on the basis of six criteria. The position of the commission is that kulen this year was very non-standard, and with large oscillations in quality. It was emphasized that the ideal kulen is difficult to describe, because every manufacturer thinks that it is exactly his.

The winning pattern stood out with a uniform color, a texture in which neither muscle nor adipose tissue dominates, and did not show large deformations in terms of color or shape. It is characterized by an enticing aroma, mild smoke and spices, and harmonious aromas of meat can be seen in the background.   

"We have the right to be proud of these high-value products, and I thank you for doing everything from year to year to make the product better and more recognizable. In the last year and a half, Croatia has received the designation of origin or geographical origin for more than 10 products, which makes a total of 35 protected products at EU level, with over 20 products in preparation from the transitional label to the EU label. Such labels are valued and recognized, and will give added value to Croatian products ", she said Minister of Agriculture Marija Vuckovic on the occasion of awarding the best. She added that kulen has a protected geographical indication, and labels for black Slavonian pig meat and Slavonian sausage are being prepared, which have a transitional designation at the national level.   

/// Slavonian kulen protected by a geographical indication in Europe

Kulen must have a minimum price of 50 euros per kilogram

Champion award
Adam Zvonarević / Slavica Đinić family farm
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Mayor of the City of Otok, Josip Šarić

Finally, does Slavonian kulen have a recognized price? According to the manufacturer, no.

It is on this track that the Mayor of the City of Otok, Josip Šarić, commented that from next year, kulen mora has a price of 50 euros per kilogram. "From January 1 next year, we will introduce the euro, I suggest that the initiative to start the price of kulen from next year be 50 euros, in order to follow the prices of other products - cracklings, bacon and more., Saric added.   

Adam Zvonarević from Stari Mikanovac, the father of the owner of the family farm Slavica Đinić, who was declared the best kulen, also points out that Slavonian kulen does not have a recognized price. "Especially producers, like us, who make kulen exclusively from black Slavonian pigs, since it has little meat and thus little chub. The real price of kulen should be at least 350 kuna per kilogram." Zvonarevic concludes.




25. June 2022.