ISTRun Eat Drink: A new tourist product combines the outdoors with local gastronomy

ISTRun Eat Drink is a new tourist product created in the joint cooperation of local producers and tourist boards


February 11, 2023.

ISTRun Eat Drink is a new tourist product created in the joint cooperation of local producers and tourist boards. The organizers and creators of the new Istrian event, which will be held in 5 dates during the year, note that it is not just a series of races, but an event that represents Istria as an original gastronomic destination. 

The final result is not only the principled unification of previous races under a common name, but the joining of all races into a hedonistic caravan that is presented to the racing community. Most of Istrians are already familiar with previous races (Špaleta Run, Run 4 Teran, Štrika-Ferata Run in Rovinj and Oio Vivo Run) and this new race BEERun in Svetvinčent fit perfectly for the promotion of the new concept IST Run Eat Drink.

The dates of the races are arranged from April to October. Spaleta Run was announced for April 10, Run 4 Teran May 28, BEER Run June 24, Sardella Run September 10 and Oio Viva Run November 5.

Director of TZ Vodnjan-Dignano Morena Smoljan she pointed out at the presentation that this is the eighth year that the races have been held in the area of ​​the town of Vodnjan, where everything started, and symbolically, the place where the caravan ends with the Oio Vivo Run race in the olive grove of the same name. Stancija Buršić is responsible for supporting this project from the first day for the traditional marking of Špaleta, which proudly reminded that the first race with this concept started right from their "corte" back in 2015.

The second race, Run 4 Teran, will be held along Štrika Ferata and the vineyards and olive groves of the Lunika Winery, which joined last year. Smoljan expressed her satisfaction because this race also revalues ​​the old railway, which was recently renovated. The railway itself is also an inexhaustible source for names with which the winemaker Daniel Bastijančić refines his wines, so he named the wine of the teran variety Carbun after the coal, without which the trains would not be able to run.

The latest race in a caravan will have its finish line in the castle of Morosini - Grimani, where the new concept was presented. The partners are the well-known brewers from Kampanjol Eko Bira, who are also recognized through Učka, because they are the creators of the first Croatian organic beer made from barley and hops from eco-growing. The host of the presentation of the new manifestation is the director of TZ Svetvinčenat Dean the Hermit he pointed out that he is convinced that this is the right path for the development of the destination, with an emphasis on combining outdoor tourism and gastronomy.

The penultimate station is also on the Štrika Ferata, but at its southern end. This year, Mirna Rovinj (Podravka) also participated, which is why the race was named Srdela Run. In this way, the brand Mirne i Eva sardina has positioned itself as a socially responsible company that supports local activities. TZ Rovinj also continued its support, which, in addition to this race, also supports the event Wine & Walk at the same location of the old railway.

The goal is in the area of ​​the same city where ISTRun Eat Drink starts, and in a certain way it symbolically closes the circle in one of the largest olive groves in all of Istria with the Oio Vivo Run race. The symbiosis of all the partners of this project can also be read in the logo, which contains four circles that intertwine and symbolize 4 cities and municipalities, four tourist communities that complement each other and jointly brand this new tourist sports gastronomic experience. 

Tourist communities The municipalities of Kanfanara and Savičenta and the towns of Vodnjan and Rovinj with this project, they jointly promote their destinations through their natural, historical and gastronomic specialties. With a rich gastronomic offer and natural heritage, they unite central southern Istria and present it to fans of sports, recreation and gastronomy to domestic and foreign guests.

Cover photo: ISTRun Eat Drink


February 11, 2023.