It is unfair and unfair that due to the impossibility of imposing vaccination, the vaccination criterion is set as a condition for the payment of measures

The National Association of Caterers is asking the Ministry of Labor, Pension System and Social Policy to order a reconsideration and removal of the unjust, unfair and discriminatory condition of 70% in an urgent procedure ...

The National Association of Caterers asks the Ministry of Labor, Pensions and Social Policy to urgently order reconsideration and removal of the unfair, unfair and discriminatory condition of 70% of the workforce with the acquired right to obtain EU digital COVID certificate as a condition for exercising full rights from Job retention program in activities reducing economic activity for July 2021, so as not to be left without labor in the coming period.

After 17 months of pandemic and struggle for bare existence, which led to the blockade of 42% of caterers, permanently shut down 1100 restaurants, and removed more than 11 people from the industry, caterers are shocked and surprised by the CES Board's decision rules 70% of the so-called gambling, for both the employer and the employee, as part of a job retention program.

It is inadmissible, unfair and unfair that, due to the impossibility of imposing vaccination, which is already contrary to Council of Europe Resolution 2361 (2021), the Governing Council imposes a condition that discriminates against employees on the basis of acquired EU digital COVID certificate, all the more so as the only source income from survival in the form of compensation for significantly limited business conditions, point out the National Association of Caterers and add that it is important to recall that the prohibition of all forms of discrimination is a conventional and constitutional maxim that are inalienable, inviolable and inalienable right of today's man.

"In order to achieve a higher vaccination of the entire population, it is irresponsible to call to account one of the most affected, but also collectively the most vaccinated sector in the country and overlook that it represents only 3,25% of the total population. Double standards with pronounced characteristics of direct or indirect coercion arouse additional revolt in people who have not yet been vaccinated. Workers have already started firing. By all accounts, employers have been repeatedly fined. First they were left on the front line of defense against the pandemic, some still disabled, and now their employees are being stripped of the only source of income that is at its core just compensation for limited business. The implementation of this ordinance will annul all the results of previous ORM programs through layoffs and job losses with the already obvious shortage of labor in the labor market. By adopting the Job Retaining Program, the Governing Council remained at odds between selected means to the detriment of the most needy entrepreneurs in this pandemic. This is supported by the fact that the Governing Board during the adoption of the program did not ensure that all employees have equal access to funded tests from the budget in order to receive EU digital COVID certification”State the Caterers.

Interestingly, official statistics show a low vaccination rate of approximately 400.000 employees of state-owned public institutions and companies where wage payments and their survival have not been called into question, and are equally funded by public funds as the retention subsidies in question.

Also, the market price of one test is from 150,00 (BAT 48h) to 350,00 kuna (PCR 72h) per test, which takes about ten per month, which is an enormous financial burden per employee. “Behind that comes an even more important question, what if you test positive. You can get an EU digital COVID certificate only if you test negative or on the eleventh day from the date of the first positive PCR test.”Conclude the National Association of Caterers.

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