Ivan Vuković: Dubrovnik must finally decide whether it wants quality or quantity

In this more than intense and uncertain tourist year, among the hardest hit destinations are those that depend on air traffic. One of those is certainly Dubrovnik, which from the day ...

In this more than intense and uncertain tourist year, among the hardest hit destinations are those that depend on air traffic. One of them is certainly Dubrovnik, which is waiting for positive news about the opening of new air routes to Dubrovnik.

It’s hard to be in a situation where you can’t directly influence your destiny, but it’s even worse to stagnate and wait. Although there are practically no tourists in Dubrovnik, especially by Dubrovnik standards, tourist guides came together and offered interesting packages. Exactly such Dubrovnik is now an opportunity for domestic guests to truly experience it, without the crowds that normally accompany Dubrovnik.

One of them is the famous tourist guide and storyteller Ivan Vukovic, who points out that now is the ideal time to visit Dubrovnik. “It's possible. The balloon burst. As the good old Americans would say, life is full of ups and downs. It has been a lot of good years and Zimmer frei lie under a palm tree and enjoy. But now the situation is different. Now many from the region want to come, see and feel Dubrovnik without hordes and without the stigma of a tourist trap destination. This jewel of the Mediterranean must be seen at least once in a lifetime", Vukovic points out.

Thus, Vuković, in cooperation with other small and micro stakeholders, arranged tourist packages with reduced prices, more precisely 50% lower prices - Dubrovnik at half price, in order to attract domestic guests to his tours.

"Dubrovnik is waiting for you, in all its stone beauty. And is there a better reason when everything is half price than accommodation, food, tourist tours such as tuk tuk rides on Srđ hill, sea kayaking around the walls and Lokrum, views from the speedboat to the City at dusk, Game of Thrones tours, wine tasting and a lot of other things your heart desires. All of us who offer this experience are those who love this City with all our hearts and give our best to present it because our job is our passion”Said Vukovic, stressing that he had agreed with his partners, such as restaurants, agencies and private renters, on lower service prices to try to awaken the market. For all who are interested in tours and other offers can contact him directly, and who will do and offer the entire tourist package.

When asked whether there was a certain change of consciousness or mindset among Dubrovnik tourism entrepreneurs in the context of more work on raising quality, Vukovic said that unfortunately it still is not. Here I must emphasize that it is not a question of price, but value for money and quality offer. Of course, in Dubrovnik the prices are higher than on the entire coast, and they must be, because it is a top destination.

"The people I know and with whom I work over 20, even before this crisis, worked on quality and were always quality. Unfortunately, that reset has not happened yet, that we still have to raise the quality, regardless of the large numbers before the pandemic. I sincerely hope that the time has come for Dubrovnik to turn to sustainable tourism and for the city to find the right direction in which to develop. We are constantly talking about sustainable tourism and the negative impacts of excessive tourism, and now again we have a situation to call and ask cruisers to return to Dubrovnik. We simply have to decide: do we want to focus on quality or quantity", Concludes Vukusic.

You can find out more about personalized tourist tours, as well as the mentioned offer on the official website www.dubrovnik-tourist-guides.com.

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