Public call for TZG Poreč to grant grants to events in 2023

24. October 2022.

Poreč Tourist Board she announced "Public call for grants from the program "Support for manifestations in 2023".

The subject of the Public Call is the allocation of non-reimbursable financial resources of the Tourist Board of the City of Poreč for events on the territory of the City of Poreč - Parenzo of international, national or regional importance as the main motive for the arrival of tourists to the destination, and which contribute to the following goals: 

    • improvement/enrichment of the tourist product/offer of the destination Poreč,
    • the development of content that enables the extension of the tourist season,
    • increase in hospitality and other tourist traffic, especially in the pre- and sub-seasonal period,
    • strengthening the power of the Poreč tourism brand,
    • creating a recognizable image of Poreč tourism,
    • increasing the marketing value of the destination.

Funding will be approved for the organization and implementation of events, namely: entertainment, sports and cultural events, wine and gastronomic events, historical, traditional and artistic events, congresses, and other events that can contribute to the objectives of the Public Call.

The funds are intended for co-financing the costs of procurement of goods and services for the immediate implementation of events, namely:

    • rental of equipment such as audio and visual equipment, stage and similar,
    • procurement of working/consumable materials related to the organization of the event,
    • rent of space for holding the event,
    • rental of means of transport for the purpose of transporting organizers and performers related to the organization of the event,
    • accommodation costs, travel costs of contractors and external associates,
    • fees (on the basis of the contract) of contractors and external associates,
    • lease of media space and/or costs of promoting the event in the country and abroad (advertising in the press, on the radio, outdoor advertising, online advertising),
    • security services,
    • creation of promotional and informative materials intended for the promotion of the event (brochures, maps, CDs, DVDs, films, graphic design and creation of advertisements and other promotional tools, etc.),
    • other costs of the immediate organization of the event, which TZG Poreč considers justified.

Legal and natural persons can apply for grants - trading companies, crafts, cooperatives, national sports federations, public institutions, institutions in culture, artistic organizations, local units and regional governments, associations.

TZG Poreč can approve the Organizer support up to a maximum of 50% of the justified/acceptable costs of the event. TZG Poreč can ask the Organizer to inspect the final cost estimate and compare it with the application for the Public Call. If there is a significant deviation, a written explanation can be requested from the Organizer, which will be presented to the Commission for Manifestations, and the proposal sent to the Tourist Board, which can confirm, not confirm or correct the established support.

You can find more information about the Public Call, the conditions of the call, as well as the application documentation, on the website of TZG Poreč, at LINK:  

The organizers of the event submit the application/request with all documentation from the Public Call to the TZG Poreč. Applications are submitted in a sealed envelope marked "Public call for support for events in 2023 - do not open".

Applications are sent to the address:

Tourist Board of the City of Poreč, Zagrebačka 9, 52440 Poreč

The deadline for submitting applications/requests is November 04.11.2022, XNUMX. years (candidates with a mailing date of November 04.11.2022, XNUMX are also considered).

Source, photo: TZG Poreč

24. October 2022.