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If you want to find employees for the new tourist season and you don't know where to start or you want to find a job in the tourism sector and you don't know who to ask, then this might be ...

If you want to find employees for the new tourist season and you do not know where to start or you want to find a job in the tourism sector and you do not know who to ask, then this may be the article for you.

In the sea of ​​offers for work in hotels, private accommodation, restaurants and the like, it is much harder to manage today. The requirements of employers are different, from education, work experience, all the way to knowledge of foreign languages. Of course, everything depends on the job description, and according to the Moj posao portal, in 2015 the most sought after were waiters. In addition to the waiters, who were convincingly the most, there are also chefs, kitchen helpers, pizza masters, receptionists, assistant chefs and maids.

Portal for ten years now it has had a specialized action Jobs in Tourism, the aim of which is to increase mobility in the labor market in the summer months. The campaign is intended primarily for employers and offers more favorable advertising conditions. But even before that period, the job offer was segmented by categories, and as we find out, the category Tourism and Hospitality is one of the most popular with the largest number of ads:

"Most ads in the category of Tourism and Hospitality were published for Zagreb and Zagreb County, about 25%. Of the counties by the sea, most advertisements were published in Istria, 14%, and in Split-Dalmatia County, 11%. 10% of ads in this category referred to the whole of Croatia " - they state from the portal and add that this category has a large number of ads throughout the year, but the emphasis is still on the spring months.

mojposao_1We can often hear and read that tourism is one of the fastest growing branches in Croatia, and we received confirmation of such statements by reading the data from the Moj posao portal. Namely, in January and February this year, a total of over 5.000 ads were published on the portal, of which over 1.000 in the category of Tourism and Hospitality, which is as much as 65% more than last year at the same time.

Furthermore, in the largest number of advertisements in tourism, as many as 66%, candidates with secondary education were sought. 40% of advertisements required skilled workers, and only 11% unskilled. In one-fifth of the ads, education is not listed as a condition. Work experience of an average of two years and one month was required in 56% of advertisements.
Knowledge of a foreign language was given an advantage in 41% of advertisements, of which as much as 90% referred to a certain level of knowledge of English (46% advanced, 30% basic, 10% professional, and 4% of advertisements knowledge of English is not a requirement, but is an advantage). A total of 38% of the ads required some level of knowledge of German (15% advanced, 14% basic), and 21% required knowledge of Italian.
The salary for each job, including the one in tourism, depends on a number of factors, of which experience is only one in them. The difference is whether you are a waiter in a hotel, restaurant or cafe. Again, restaurants differ within their category: for example, a waiter in a two-star hotel will certainly not have the same salary as a waiter in a five-star hotel. Location also has an impact on pay as well as the supply-demand ratio for a particular job.

"What we know and what we have researched is the difference between the deserved, expected and real salary for jobs in tourism. Respondents believe that chefs deserve the highest salary, an average of 7.253 kuna. If we compare the received salary with the one from the service, the stated salary is as much as 60% higher than the real salary of a chef, which amounts to HRK 4.521. On the other hand, respondents think that chefs really earn 5.568 kuna, which is 23% more than the salary according to the service. The chef is followed by a pizza master who respondents believe deserves a salary of 6.065 kuna, which is 31% more than the real salary and only 5% more than what they expect a pizza master to really earn. The most pronounced agreement between the deserved, expected and real salary, the respondents state for the position of animator. Respondents believe that animators earn HRK 4.813 (15% more than the real salary), and in reality they would expect HRK 3.938 for this job (6% lower than the real salary). For waiters, respondents believe that they deserve 6.004 kuna, while they really expect 4.526 kuna, which is 64% more than the real salary of 3.653 kuna. - they point out from the Moj Posao portal.

Despite the differences between deserved, expected and real wages, both employers and employees in tourism seem to be satisfied. Employers are also more than positive regarding employment in tourism, and in last year's survey of the portal, as many as 95% of respondents who have already worked in tourism would work in tourism again. What could deter them from getting a job in tourism is the inability to get a permanent job or the desire to find a job in the profession.

When looking for a new job or employees in the new tourist season, it is sometimes difficult to get the information you want. That is why we were interested in what employers and employees must pay attention to when looking for an employee, or a new job:

"Since they often change their place of residence due to seasonal work, candidates find it very useful to know the amount of salary (covering travel expenses, possible accommodation) and information on accommodation possibilities (whether the employer provides accommodation). Employers are looking for candidates who are good at this type of job, which means that there is an important emphasis on previous work experience and concrete examples and achievements that confirm that the candidate is qualified for this job. The recommendations of former employers are also useful, as well as information on how long the candidate can be available, as the length of the season depends on many factors and can sometimes be unplanned. ” - advises

For now, the offer for all occupations is less than the demand, but we advise employers to start looking for staff as soon as possible, because it can happen that in the middle of the season it is a bit harder to find employees, especially if it is more specific jobs, requirements or location. - POSLOVI U TURIZMU

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