Kvarner Wines - a new brand of the Kvarner Tourist Board as a logical continuation of the story about branding the tourist region

By signing an agreement on cooperation between the Kvarner Tourist Board and the cooperative "Kvarner Wines", and awarding the quality label of Kvarner Wines / Kvarner Wines, a new Kvarner brand was created - Kvarner Wines ....

By signing an agreement on cooperation between the Kvarner Tourist Board and the cooperative "Kvarner Wines", and awarding the quality label of Kvarner Wines / Kvarner Wines, a new Kvarner brand was created - Kvarner Wines.

This is the result of cooperation between the Tourist Board and the cooperative, all with the aim of promoting Kvarner wines and Kvarner as a tourist destination, to which wine and gastro-tourism is of great importance. Namely, the Kvarner Tourist Board, as part of the development of tourist products in Kvarner, promotes and brands gastronomy with the quality label "Kvarner Gourmet" and "Kvarner Food", so "Kvarner Wines" is a logical continuation of development, both in terms of joint activities with the Cooperative and in terms of promoting Kvarner as a rich eno-gastro destination. 

Thus, the owners of 10 wineries from Vrbnik, Novi Vinodolski, Selce, Kastav and Zvoneć (Matulji) were given markings - Kvarner Wines plates, which will mark their wineries and indicate to visitors that they are in a place where they can taste indigenous Kvarner wines.

The agreement also agreed on joint activities in the field of product development, promotion of indigenous Kvarner wines, education, scientific conferences, events and other activities aimed at promoting the Kvarner region. Also, following the labels "Kvarner Wines" will serve as an excellent basis for creating new tourist programs or wine tours, both for travel agencies and groups of tourists, as well as for individual tourists.

Cooperative "Vina Kvarnera" brings together winegrowers and wine producers from the wine region of Kvarner and the Croatian Littoral, which annually produces more than 2 million liters of wine, more than 200 hectares of vineyards, of which about 150 hectares are planted with žlahtina.

With over 50.000 bottles of sparkling wine a year, Kvarner is the third Croatian wine region in terms of the production of sparkling wines produced from indigenous Kvarner varieties. All together, thanks to hard-working producers - winegrowers, families who have not left for generations, and even renovated their estates, it gives a picture of an interesting and successful wine destination. 

"Our famous oenologist from Novljan, Mr. Ivan Sokolić, said a long time ago that wine should be in the function of creating the brand of the region in which it is produced. I am glad that all our Kvarner winemakers, who have been creating top quality sparkling wines and wines lately, have gathered here today, in Novi Vinodolski. All their great autochthonous wines certainly contribute to the branding of the tourist offer of our Kvarner. That is why we designed and presented a new brand "Wines of Kvarner" in order to raise the quality and recognition of the destination Kvarner", Said the County Prefect of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and the President of the Kvarner Tourist Board, Zlatko Komadina.

Wine tourism and gastronomy have always been of great importance for the tourist offer of Kvarner, said the director of the Kvarner Tourist Board, Ph.D. Irena Persic Zivadinov and added that the Kvarner eno-gastronomic scene is one of their trademarks, the foundation of which they create and will create new qualitative shifts in the future. “As before, we cooperated with renowned Kvarner eno-experts on the development of a new tourist product, and the new quality label was designed in cooperation with our winemakers gathered through the cooperative Vina Kvarnera. In this way, we continue to connect the profession with producers and continue to work together to develop and improve the tourist offer of Kvarner. The new quality label "Kvarner Wines" is part of the already well-known brand Kvarner Gourmet and Kvarner Food, which includes Kvarner restaurants and experts with whom we improve the Kvarner culinary scene. The label "Wines of Kvarner" will be awarded to wine producers and wineries with tasting rooms in the Kvarner area as important places for guests who simultaneously raise the quality of the offer in the destination but also promote our unique eno and gastronomic delicacies"

The Cooperative of Winemakers, the production organization of Kvarner Wines, brings together winegrowers and wine producers from the Kvarner and Croatian Littoral wine region, which includes the Opatija - Rijeka - Vinodol, Krk, Rab, Cres - Lošinj and Pag vineyards.

"The goal of the cooperative Vina Kvarnera is to promote wines of autochthonous Kvarner varieties, the most famous of which are Žlahtina, Belica (blend of autochthonous varieties Verdić, Mejsko, Divjaka, Jarbola, Brajkovac), Jarbola, Gegić, Trojščina and Sansigot. Apart from promotion, the cooperative also educates about table culture, ie wine tasting by organizing round tables, lectures and scientific conferences and promotes Kvarner, ie Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, in cooperation with partners Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Kvarner Tourist Board, Center for Agriculture and rural development of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, ie the promotional center Kašetica Primorje-Gorski Kotar, the City of Rijeka and the Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka as an eno-gastronomic destination in which top quality wines are produced", Said dr.sc. Žarko Stilin, secretary of the cooperative Vina Kvarnera.

Kvarner has well-developed brands and sub-brands. In addition to the quality label for family accommodation - Kvarner Family (under brands: Pet Friendly, Bike Friendly, Hike Friendly), Kvarner Gourmet, Kvarner Food and now Kvarner Wines have also been developed.

Unfortunately, the modern destination web platform is missing, since the current Kvarner.hr has long expired. Also, sure how bad a website is, it also reduces the promotional effects. In conclusion, excellent foundations and an example in which direction we must develop destinations, ie regions.

Just imagine that all destinations use the same platform - Kvarner.hr, and not dozens of different websites that are not synergistic or in any way connected. Then the effect of promotion and communication would be much more efficient, because everyone would blow the same sails and promote the whole region as a tourist destination. Of course, this does not mean that on the same platform, individual cities and municipalities cannot be listed, but they would be under one umbrella brand of the tourist region - Kvarner.

Our focus must be on branding tourist regions. The benefits are multiple, but about that on another occasion.

Bravo for Kvarner and a new brand - Kvarner Wines.

Photo: Visit Kvarner / Illustration: HrTurizam.hr

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