The first portal specialized in traveling with children has been launched

Family Welcome, a portal specialized in family tourism and traveling with children, officially started its work on September 27, symbolically on the World...


30. September 2023.

Family Welcome, a portal specialized in family tourism and traveling with children, officially started its work on September 27, symbolically on World Tourism Day, and will offer families practical advice and inspirational recommendations to find ideal destinations for their travels in Croatia, the region and wider. 

Family tourism is a form of tourism focused on the needs and interests of the family as a whole, with the aim of creating positive experiences and memories during the trip, and includes immediate and extended family - parents and children and other family members such as grandparents, relatives and friends. 

"As the name suggests, Family Welcome goes beyond the concept of a family-friendly destination and offers a diverse selection of recommended destinations where families with children are welcome, as well as inspiring activities that suit their needs.", she explained Željka Balja, the founder of the portal Family welcome.

The popularity of family tourism is growing, and according to research US Family Trends from 2022. u in the next two years, more people are planning family vacation with children (44 %) than with friends (40 %). As many as 95% of respondents who travel with children highlight relaxation and fun as priorities during their travels, and 45% of millennial parents choose family trips to bond and create memories. It is very important to offer families activities that can be enjoyed by all family members, as 62% of them prefer destinations that offer vacations and activities for parents and children.

Zeljka balja photo vedran tolic family welcome
Željka Balja, Photo: Vedran Tolić

Peculiarities of family tourism

Other features of family tourism are: multigenerational and extended family trips, the search for unconventional family destinations (in addition to traditional destinations), enjoying the moment (the so-called slow travel), cultural and educational trips, trips inspired by entertainment, visits to interesting destinations and attractions. In order for family vacations to be fulfilling and interesting for all family members, among the trends, the importance of planning and information on internet portals stand out. 

"In order to support the development of the tourist offer in the direction of family tourism in Croatia and the surrounding area, we will prepare a Family Welcome Trends Report for our partners every month because we want to provide them with additional information about trends in family tourism and facilitate the management strategy of such an offer adapted to today's families.", said Balja.

The supply and demand of family tourism today will greatly affect the overall future of the tourism sector. Family tourism represents children's first contact with tourism, its advantages and potentials, therefore it is very important to shape a tourist experience that will inspire them to travel even later, adds Balja. 

Family Welcome became an exclusive media partner Family Travel Association which with this label guarantees high standards of information for family travel.

The Family Travel Association is a renowned organization dedicated to promoting travel for families that produces annual global research related to family travel and organizes annual at the summit which gather all the leading experts from different sectors for family travel with children.


30. September 2023.