Launched brand of vitality in catering: Lošinj vitality nutrition

The first dishes with the Vitality label will be promoted during the spring.


February 10, 2024.

The island of vitality or Lošinj is known for its mild climate, sea and first-quality air. 230 types of medicinal plants grow on it, many of which contribute to natural aroma therapy by walking and are part of Lošinj's specialties. There are also 280 km of hiking and cycling trails and more than 200 sunny days a year. 

Now the story is further rounded and connected, and Lošinj will also be recognized for its nutritional gastronomic offer.

Namely, on the initiative Tourist boards of the Town of Mali Lošinj (the importance of the role of TZ as a public body to raise the quality and develop the destination) which was supported by restaurateurs, the vitality brand is expanding this year to gastronomic offer.

The focus is on dishes that include nutrients to promote vitality and health with an emphasis on cooking method i food preparation.

Guests who come for an active vacation in a climate that also contributes to health with its natural advantages, or simply prefer nutrition for vitality, will be able to enjoy on Lošinj nutritionally supervised gastronomic delicacies which are in accordance with their way of life. 

Losinj vitality nutrition author ivan brcic 2
Photo / Author: Ivan Brčić / TZ Mali Lošinj

Elaboration and implementation of the brand implementation idea vitality in the gastronomic offer, will be realized in cooperation with long-term partners from the company Abisal, Gastronaut headed by prof. Karin Mimicom, with whom the projects Forgotten Tastes of Our Old Ones, Smells and Tastes of Lošinj and the promotion of Apoksiomen's cuisine have already been realized. 

About 15 restaurants from Lošinj have registered their interest in participating in the project, which in the next few months will propose some of their specialties, the method of preparation and the combination of ingredients for labels. foods for vitality.

In order for the guests to be safe from the nutritional point of view, mag. interior Diana Gluhak Spajić, author Healthy meal standard, she designed a combination of Mediterranean and anti-aging nutrition with Lošinj ingredients and will supervise the recipes and methods of preparation of dishes nominated for the label "Vitality"

Losinj vitality nutrition author ivan brcic
Photo / Author: Ivan Brčić / TZ Mali Lošinj

Island herbs, fish, crabs and shellfish from the Lošinj water area and island lamb are at the center of this gastronomic story that unites authentic flavors with nutrition for vitality and activities that Lošinj offers - trails, mild climate and first-class air quality. 

Vitality dishes will be specially highlighted in the menus and in the presentation of Lošinj as an island of vitality, and the first dishes with the Vitality label will be promoted during the spring and become part of the Lošinj - island of vitality brand. 

Cover photo: Author: Sandro Puncet / Ivan Brčić / illustration: hrturism


February 10, 2024.