The Lika Destination cluster is celebrating its seventh anniversary

The most prominent part of the cluster's business is related to the Lika Quality regional certificate.


February 29, 2024.

The cluster was founded in February 2017 with a clear goal - to brand the destination of Lika. Seven years later, he achieved significant success in promoting sustainable tourism, raising awareness of the beauty of the region among tourists and local residents, and the even development of the destination. 

The most prominent part of the cluster's business is related to the regional certificate "Lika Quality" which enriched the tourist offer of the region. This system not only highlights the exceptional quality of local products, but also directly involves local family farms in tourism development. 

Tourists thus have the opportunity to taste authentic local products, thus stimulating the local economy and creating lasting connections between producers and consumers.

An example of the development of the Lika destination, which in this way includes the local population, is also included in Handbook on promoting sustainable tourism practices published by the European Travel Commission.

Stay 3 days in Lika

Furthermore, the joint ticket of the Lika destination, formed in cooperation with protected natural areas, contributed to the extension of tourists' stay and the branding of the destination as a protected natural area.

In this way, it not only encourages tourists to explore lesser-known locations, but also raises awareness of the importance of nature conservation.

Project "Stay 3 days in Lika" is also aimed at extending the stay of tourists, promoting the destination and encouraging visits to less developed areas. Through this project, active efforts are being made to increase the visibility and attractiveness of lesser-known but rich natural and cultural resources.

The pride of the cluster is also reflected in the fact that it was included in the list two years in a row TOP 100 sustainable destinations. These awards testify to the cluster's commitment to sustainable tourism development and a responsible approach.

Last year, they also applied for a prestigious certificate Green Destinations which represents another step towards global recognition in the field of sustainable tourism.

Sustainable development

In its seven years of existence, the Lika Destination Cluster has made a concrete contribution to the even and sustainable development of tourism in the destination.

They did it successfully over 30 projects focused on sustainable development activities, networking of stakeholders and encouraging cooperation. They have organized numerous educations and workshops, cooperate with the scientific community and have included schools in their projects.

The cluster has become an inspiration to other destinations in the development of similar innovative approaches to sustainable tourism and branding, thus confirming its role in creating positive changes at the local and global level. 

The development of lesser-known parts of the destination and the extension of tourists' stay in the destination are important.

"In accordance with this, today almost 300 stakeholders are involved in the development of the destination, which through synergistic action, step by step, improve the level of their business, and thus the recognition of Lika", the president of the cluster points out Petra Kovačević.

Photo: Lika Destination Cluster


February 29, 2024.