The concept of preventive cleaning in hotels and boarding houses

Preventive cleaning is becoming increasingly important in various areas of industry, trade and the service sector. As an important part of the PDPR procedure (preventive, daily, temporary and restoration cleaning) in hotels and boarding houses, removal ...

Preventive cleaning is becoming increasingly important in various areas of industry, trade and the service sector.

As an important part PDPR procedure (preventive, daily, temporary and restorative cleaning) in hotels and boarding houses, removing dirt from the outside areas primarily prevents dirt from entering the interior of the building. When applied regularly, preventive cleaning can significantly reduce daily cleaning costs and ensure that the value of the building is maintained.

Dust, earth, sand and other dirt particles stick to your shoes while walking outdoors. When people then enter the building, these particles of dirt end up on carpets and wooden and stone floors, spreading rapidly over large areas. Under u reception and hotel lobby therefore it must be vacuumed and wiped several times a day to keep the hotel well-groomed. This creates high costs, is physically exhausting, and frequent cleaning also creates discomfort for guests, especially if accompanied by the noise of the machines being used.

Preventive cleaning at the reception and in the lobby is recommended to ensure cleanliness for extended periods of time without disturbing guests. The concept begins with the exterior of the hotel; by thoroughly cleaning or washing the area outside the building, the amount of dirt introduced inside can be reduced by up to 66%. In addition to the sidewalk and sections of the street directly in front of the entrance, other areas to consider are parking lots, publicly accessible areas, delivery entrances, bars and restaurants.

Outdoor areas such as terraces and balconies should also be considered as these are areas where a lot of dirt accumulates that can be brought into hallways, staircases and guest rooms.

High-pressure cleaners are used to remove stubborn dirt such as food debris, sand and dust, or bird droppings. HD 5/15 CX Plus + FR Classic it is a perfect choice for removing the mentioned dirt.

This high-pressure cold water cleaner is practical and mobile, and can be used to work in both vertical and horizontal positions. The integrated carrying handle on the front of the device allows for easy boarding and convenient transport, saving you time and energy.

The concept of preventive cleaning it pays off very quickly because the maintenance of external surfaces is much faster and requires less time than cleaning the rooms themselves as cleaning machines and high-pressure cleaners can be used. The choice of cleaning device depends on the surface to be cleaned. Today, there are many types of cleaning machines; motor sweeping machines (traction, suction, brush roller drive) and machines pushed by the person using them.

There are also hybrid machines that have electrically driven rollers and side brushes but do not have traction drive. Rolling cleaning machines are recommended for areas up to 600m2, while electric or fuel cleaning machines should be used for larger areas. Sedentary vacuum cleaners for cleaners are recommended for large areas of 1000 m2 or larger.

It can help you with that KM 85/50 R Bp Pack, a compact and agile sweeping and vacuuming machine with a seat to help you clean large areas with high performance. Its compact design ensures a high degree of maneuverability, which allows you to clean in tight and cluttered rooms.

An area-specific dirt collection system is also part of preventive cleaning. It is advisable to use mats inside as well as outside to give guests the opportunity to remove dirt from their shoes before entering the facility. Abrasive bristle mats are recommended for outdoor use as they can clean even shoes with a deep tread. Interior mats can be softer and finer to remove dirt and moisture residues.

If dirt enters the building despite these measures, stain cleaning can be applied. Smaller areas of dirt or moisture can be removed with a cordless electric broom or cloth to prevent them from entering the facility further.

The use of preventive cleaning in outdoor areas varies depending on the time of year and weather conditions and must be adapted accordingly.

Sweeping several times a day may be necessary, especially during the colder months. KM 70/20 C it is an ideal hand-held sweeping machine to help you keep the exterior of the building clean. It is very agile, and thanks to the manual drive via two wheels, it gives very good sweeping results in both left and right turns. It is easy to use and tidy, and due to its light weight, you can easily transport it without additional fatigue. 

Less extra effort during regular maintenance of the cleanliness of the outdoor space is still worth it, because as a result the interior space requires much less frequent cleaning, and cleaning agents are often not even needed.

If you want to learn more about possible solutions for easier outdoor space maintenance, visit Karcher website where you will be able to learn more about the different devices that can improve the quality of your facility.

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