LUSINI - the leading European partner in the hotel and catering industry has arrived in Croatia

The largest HoReCa assortment in Croatia.

Author  HrTurizam Promo

10. July 2023.

Croatia is a well-known tourist destination that has been increasingly developing and investing in the hospitality industry in recent years.

In order for the service to be at the highest level for the numerous visitors of cafes, restaurants and hotels, investing in the highest quality equipment and providing a top hospitality experience to all visitors has become a necessary obligation of every tourist entrepreneur.

Recently, all the needs and requirements of Croatian caterers, restaurateurs and hoteliers have been met by a German company LUSINI Group, one of the leading suppliers of hotel and catering equipment in the non-food sector in Europe.

By opening a company LUSINI Croatia and the unique Croatian online shop that it offers more than 40.000 products top professional quality and affordable prices, Croatia gained a new dimension of business and improvement of the tourist offer and tourism as the most important economic branch. 

Lucy's Ethan porcelain plate

LUSINI is the first true one webshop for Croatian caterers which offers outdoor and indoor furniture, porcelain dishes, professional cutlery, the most modern and professional working clothes for cooking JOBELINE, buffet equipment, kitchens, but also hotel textiles high quality products such as sheets and towels.

The listed brands are only a part of the rich LUSINI offer for passionate hosts and caterers, and the purchase of households attracted by such a large selection and quality of this company's products is also growing strongly. More and more customers prefer cooperation with LUSINI where they find "all in one place".

"The opening of a location in Croatia is an important milestone for LUSINI, but also for Croatian tourism as a whole. We have recognized the tourist potential, we monitor how much Croatia achieves better tourist results every year and we realize that it is the country with the most progress in the field of tourism improvement, but also an attractive tourist destination with a high potential for tourist investments.

We want to provide comprehensive support, top service and professional quality to all our long-term Croatian customers and partners who have previously whether to order and buy through Germany or partner suppliers of our superior, diverse and better quality products. With this, we continue LUSINI's internationalization strategy and thanks to many years of experience, we know the needs of our existing and new customers, and we provide them with even better support and are personally available to them.

LUSINI is the first real webshop for caterers, and from now on Croatian catering has everything in one place, and our expertise and personal service to customers is available at any time through numerous sales representatives in the field and through Customer Service to help make the best and easier choice between thousands of articles of professional quality level that we have on offer", he pointed out Velimir Smetko, general manager of LUSINI Hrvatska, who has many years of experience in the HoReCa industry and tourism. 

Velimir smetko general manager of lusini hrvatska
Photo: Velimir Smetko, General Director of LUSINI Croatia, © LUSINI Group

This leading partner in the hotel and catering industry guarantee 95% item availability immediately and complete delivery of the requested products in all European countries, which, in addition to top quality and personalized service, provide customers with security. 

The largest HoReCa assortment in Croatia - 40.000 items. All in one place. Fast delivery 4-6 days 

"LUSINI is home to well-known gastronomic partner brands such as VEGA, which inspires with new solutions, functionality and design character in the field of tableware, furniture and kitchens, there is also a provider of textile solutions ERWIN M. which is the oldest part of the LUSINI brand, then JOBELINE functional professional clothing in accordance with latest trends and perfect performance and many others.

What makes LUSI's webshop special is our fast and affordable delivery - we guarantee customers delivery within four to six days for the whole of Croatia, including the islands. In addition to our own recognizable brands, we bring the world's top gastronomic brands closer to our customers and offer the possibility of personalization and sample sample services that meet the highest requirements and criteria of all restaurateurs.", he adds  general manager Smetko. 

Lusini gastro chair arne

In Zagreb, an exhibition space of more than 300 square meters

So that all customers could experience first-hand and convince themselves of the top quality and fulfillment of all their catering requirements, in Zagreb will soon at the address Robert Frangeš Mihanović 9 u Sky Office Towerbasically an open impressive and modern exhibition space of more than 300 square meters with numerous hotel or restaurant indoor and outdoor furniture, bar accessories, textiles of carefully selected materials and patterns that meet all the wishes and needs of customers.

Find out more about the entire HoReCa offer at

Photo: LUSINI Group


LUSINI Croatia is the 14th country where the LUSINI GROUP - a leading German company in the field of catering and hotel equipment - is present. Croatia is thus on the prestigious LUSINI list of famous gastronomic capitals such as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and other countries that equip their catering establishments with top LUSINI equipment. The company was founded in 1987 as a hotel laundry by Erwin Müller, then began operations as a textile wholesaler with four employees, the group of companies today has around 650 employees at 15 locations around the world. 

Author  HrTurizam Promo

10. July 2023.