Mate Kostovski, CEO of Lemax: We have only one, our own product, at the same time recognized in the global market as an industry leader

Lemax, the leading global software provider for travel agencies and tour operators, ended the business year 2018 with revenues of 1,85 million euros, which is an increase of 85% compared to ...

Lemax, a leading global software provider for travel agencies and tour operators, ended the 2018 business year with revenues of 1,85 million euros, an increase of 85% compared to 2017. 

It is a fast-growing IT company founded in Šibenik and with an office in Zagreb, which has more than 130 users on all continents, except Antarctica, of course, and covering companies ranging in size from 20 to over 700 employees.

Lemax ended the 2018 business year, with eleven new contracts. 

The growth of revenues was certainly contributed by the large expansion into the global market, and currently as much as 88% of revenues come from exports and sales of products. Last year, Lemax signed the largest single contract with the Asian travel agency Asian Trails in Thailand, which supports the work of more than 700 employees with over 4000 partners and 8 markets that together cover almost a third of the world's population, which is a big step towards opening the Asian market. 

Mate Kostovski, director of Lemax / Photo: Lemax

Two contracts cover the Croatian market, and the remaining nine are global markets that include Iceland, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Denmark, the United States, Italy and Mexico. The increase in the number of users enabled the employment of new experts, ie 34 new jobs, and at the end of 2018 they reached the number of 67 employees, while by the end of 2020 they expect growth to 130 employees.

Unique proprietary software solution

An interesting fact is that Lemax has only one product of its own, called Lemax, which helps customers, travel agencies and tour operators to increase efficiency and sales. With complete management of the reservation process, it covers a wide range of activities as it contains specialized modules for marketing, sales, accounting, finance and logistics. The biggest advantages of such a comprehensive system are the significant acceleration and automation of all operational processes on which users typically spend a lot of time and resources. By applying the software, customers are committed to business development and customer relationships, with the ultimate benefits of increasing sales and profits. 

"At Lemax, we have only one, our own product, simultaneously recognized in the global market as an industry leader. This allows us to grow continuously and rapidly in all areas of work, which means that we will employ all profiles of experts and continue to make further breakthrough in all world markets. An outbound sales team is being formed to ensure a more precise reach to potential customers, which is a departure from our previous sales based on inbound sales tactics. This year we expect continued growth as in the previous year, stronger market recognition and increased exports." said Mate Kostovski, director of Lemax, adding that last year was marked by the rebranding of the company and the change of the software name from iTravel to Lemax software. 

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