Međimurje as an example of good practice in how tourism develops

At the beginning of the month, the Međimurje County Tourist Board held five B2B workshops "Međimurje malo - Sjeverna vrata Hrvatske" in Zagreb, Opatija, Rovinj, Zadar and Dubrovnik, which were ...

At the beginning of the month, the Međimurje County Tourist Board held five B2B workshops "Međimurje malo - Sjeverna vrata Hrvatske" in Zagreb, Opatija, Rovinj, Zadar and Dubrovnik, which were intended for agents in travel agencies with the aim of presenting new tourist products in Međimurje.

Specifically, six tourist packages, whose main focus is nature, active vacation and gastronomic offer. More importantly, after the presentations, at the end of last week, the Tourist Board of Međimurje County organized it study trip for agents, in order for the travel agencies that attended the live workshops to get to know and experience the entire offer of Međimurje.

The reactions are more than positive, and the reaction of one agent who said that this was one of the best study trips he had in ten years speaks for itself. And this at a time of pandemic when it is much harder to organize everything. And we know that these are agents that are hard to impress, because of their many years of experience and certainly because of their reputation, they would not just share praise so flatly.

Ivo Fatović, Media Turist: The experiences of Međimurje should be presented as examples of good practice

Based on last week's study trip organized by the Međimurje Tourist Board and the True Colors agency, I would like to thank you once again for a very well-organized trip, he points out. Ivo Fatović from the Media Turist agency and adds that it was extremely educational, interesting and very enjoyable thanks mostly to the personal commitment of the True Colors agency and the director of the tourist board Rudi Grule.

"What I must point out as a long-term tourist worker is the fact that the destination is enriched with a lot of new museums and locations that will absolutely contribute to the interest of the destination Međimurje as a whole. It is worth mentioning the fact that the Tourist Board recognized the possibilities of applying for EU funds, which are obviously very well written because the funds have been approved and the results are really excellent. I would certainly suggest to other tourist boards and to the CNTB office itself that these very good experiences be presented as an example of good practice. I believe that the cultural and natural heritage and gastro and eno offer of a local community is the main engine of development of a tourist product as such in synergy with human and other potentials. Everything seen by all participants of the study trip who were from all over Croatia will certainly be a good experience and an occasion to offer programs in Međimurje as a continental destination", Said Fatovic.

Colleagues from the main office of DMC Katarina line and I are very pleased that we had the opportunity to see the accommodation facilities of Međimurje, said Zdenka Želesnik from Katarina Line and stressed that they will certainly use them for future groups. “We are delighted with the museums and presentations and we believe that the Palace of Tourism and the interactive display of one day in the life of a miller will certainly fit into the programs with a rich and previously partially known eno and gastronomic offer. We are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wine and the cordiality and immediacy of the hosts and the adrenaline park. We often have bike tours, so we will use the information gathered to make some new programs. For a start, we will share our impressions with colleagues and friends, which in this current situation will probably contribute to the arrival of guests from Croatia soon.", Points out Zelesnik.

Ivana Maltar, Director of UHPA: Međimurje can rightfully be one of the leaders in the innovative development of the tourist offer

Satisfaction with the seen tourist offer of a large part of Međimurje County was positively assessed by Igor Auferber from Tureta Travel who also emphasized that there is already a critical mass of beautiful and diverse accommodation facilities in Međimurje.

"In addition to spas and wellness, a quality infrastructure for cycling tourism has been developed, and in the beginning there is an offer related to activities along and on rivers. There is a large number of quality wineries, very interesting restaurants and family farms. The Tourist Board of Međimurje County deliberately puts into function thematic presentation centers wisely dispersed throughout the county, which encourages travelers to a wider range of movement. All these facts are a basic prerequisite for visitors to see and experience the beautiful natural climate surrounded by two rivers, lakes and picturesque hills. I think that right now is the right time to unite the offer and create quality travel arrangements for the most demanding clients who have so far primarily sought Istria or the famous Adriatic destinations. I recommend Međimurje", Adds Auferber.

Ivana Maltar, director of UHPA, pointed out that Međimurje can rightfully be one of the leaders in the innovative development of the tourist offer. “The approach based on continuous commitment to raising the level of quality, attractiveness and availability of new tourism products, sustainable development and application of the latest technologies, positions Međimurje high on the scale of competitiveness not only in domestic but also in foreign markets. We are especially pleased that, despite the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous new projects have been implemented that will certainly contribute even more to the recognizability of Međimurje as a boutique destination for unique tourist experiences.", Concluded Maltar.

Like sugar in the end to complete the whole story, Međimurje County will subsidize travel agencies for each realized guest who realizes an overnight stay in the amount of HRK 50,00.

"It is great that we felt any market, both through workshops, and more importantly now through a study trip, where agents could experience Međimurje live and all the products we presented. We had the opportunity to talk live with agents, get feedback and test travel products. In that sense, the reactions are very positive. Also, I am very pleased with the service providers who prepared seriously, showed that they know what they are doing and that they were ready for all the difficult questions and tasks. This makes me very happy, because the people in the field make a tourist product“, Points out Rudi Grula, director of the Međimurje County Tourist Board.

Međimurje has once again shown the right way to develop tourism, especially continental tourism. We must also emphasize the importance of the local DMC agency True Colors, which was a co-organizer and part of the entire program. Because it is one thing to have a tourist product on paper, and one is to sell it, and more importantly, to know how to implement it and take care of its quality. That is why it is crucial to have a DMC agency in the destination, which in synergy with everyone in the destination and the tourist community develops and sells tourist products.

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