Central Dalmatia on the Polish market: Video series with stories and local narrative as an excellent example of promotion

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24. October 2023.

The Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County (TZ SDŽ) launched an online campaign in May this year in cooperation with the well-known Polish media company Axel Springer Polska, all with the aim of a stronger positioning Central Dalmatia on one of its most important markets and presenting the diversity of the tourist offer in this area. 

As part of the campaign, which was carried out from May to the end of August, it was filmed five promotional video episodes at locations throughout the Split-Dalmatia County, and in the center was the famous Polish TV presenter Marcin Prokop.

During the filming, Prokop toured Split, Brač, Hvar and Omiš getting to know different segments of the tourist offer such as cultural and historical heritage, wine and gastronomy, nautical and natural beauty.

The campaign achieved excellent results and the promotional videos reached their peak in a very short period of time 3 million views taking into account all platforms (YouTube + social networks), they state from TZ Split-Dalmatia County.

"We paid special attention to our dear and loyal guests from Poland, trying to present central Dalmatia to them in a different way with this campaign. Poland is one of our most important broadcast markets, so the high-quality presentation of the destination and its offer is extremely important to us, as well as direct encouragement We are happy that the campaign achieved a great response, and that it also shows that there is a great interest in central Dalmatia and that we have a lot to offer besides "sun and sea"., she stated Ivana Vladović, director of TZ SDŽ. 

Video series as an excellent example of promotion

Each type of advertising has its advantages, its purpose, time and rules. In this case, in my opinion, a great approach to the market is through a video series with stories, especially with a local narrator. 

In this example, it is about five video stories, longer format, each lasting 15 to 18 minutes. Although when you watch the clip, time flies quickly because the video clips are scripted well. ONsuch series have an additional touch of personality, story elements, stories of people from our destinations and a local presenter who addresses the audience in Polish. Each video, in addition to being shown on television, is of course also published on social networks and is available on the YouTube channel. Likewise, each video can be "cut" into segments and used separately for promotion, which is always an added value of this type of promotion. 

As always, every advertising has its price and it is always a challenge to find the right marketing mix. However, a series such as the one attached is certainly an excellent choice for the target markets. On the other hand, the narrative is always important - what and to whom you want to present.

Want to share this video on your social networks?

The more it is shared and spread, both this video and all other video and promo materials, no matter from which source, over the internet, the more people will see it, and thus in the long run we all participate in free promotion together. All with the aim of promoting central Dalmatia as a tourist destination on the Polish market. 

The largest number of overnight stays in the first nine months in central Dalamacia was made by guests from Poland. After guests from Germany, guests from Poland are in second place in the total number of overnight stays in the Split-Dalmatia County. 

Also, guests from Poland are in the TOP 5 in the total number of tourist nights in Croatia. 

The destination is the motive of the trip, not your accommodation.

And that is why it is crucial that the tourism sector in central Dalmatia is also included in the promotion. The least everyone can do is share a video day by day or on whatever your posting schedule is. 

Who will promote us, if not ourselves. Through each additional publication on our channels, one potential tourist from Poland will see this article more, and thus the story about Croatia spreads. The last couple of tourist years have proven to be more than challenging, the competition has woken up, and they will only be more challenging in the future, where it will continue to be a struggle for every guest.

Also, when publishing the entire series on your social networks, you can advertise (boost) yourself towards the Polish market, in order to achieve an additional effect. If you are digitized, then you also have contacts from guests who have already visited you from Poland. This is a great opportunity for you to inform your previous guests about the series through a newsletter or personalized mail, and at the same time you can add information about reservations at the end of the message.

Therefore, it should be in everyone's interest to share this video, as well as all other quality and interesting contributions, at least to those tourism workers from the area where it was seen and filmed. By sharing, the impact and reach of the promotion expands day by day. This is a free promotion and one of your posts. Let's get started, the first step is up to us.

"In addition to promotional video materials, they were placed as part of the campaign native articles i storytelling content on the platforms of the leading Polish media, which further promoted the tourist offer through content about the islands and beaches of central Dalmatia, traditional food and wine, opportunities for active vacations, and various events and manifestations in the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County", they conclude from the TZ SDŽ.

Watch the entire series from episode 5 on Onet On Tour

Author  HrTurizam Promo

24. October 2023.