Brnjac at the symposium in St. Gallen presented the Croatian concept of sustainable tourism development


2. May 2024.

Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac participated in the 53rd St. Gallen Symposium, which this year is being held under the name "Coping with the lack of resources", and which gathers world experts and officials from various areas of economy and society.

Minister Brnjac participated in the panel entitled "Responsible and sustainable? A guide to the future of tourism" and talked about all the challenges that tourism faces and the necessary activities that must be undertaken in order for tourism to be resilient and sustainable in the future.

"Before the pandemic, tourism was the third largest export category globally, providing millions of jobs worldwide. The sector has recovered from the crisis caused by the pandemic, but now we must focus on stabilizing this very important industry and making it more resilient to future challenges. on the one hand, Europe is facing the challenge of excessive tourism, which requires concrete as well as adapted solutions, while on the other hand, the tourism industry is strongly affected by climate change and security issues.Our vision for Croatia is a vision of balance, which is at the heart of the sustainable tourism model between economic, natural and social sustainability", stressed Minister Brnjac and added:

"When we talk about sustainability, we can't just focus on the satisfaction of tourists, but the opinion and quality of life of the local population is extremely important. That's why we face all the challenges, from the excessive number of tourists in destinations, the overload of infrastructure, the endangerment of cultural and historical sights and especially natural resources, addressed by preparing our Strategy for the Development of Sustainable Tourism until 2030, and through the new Act on Tourism, we created a legislative framework for collecting data, measuring the effects of tourism and managing tourism based on measurable data".

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Minister Brnjac pointed out that Croatia is already recognized at the world level as a leader in the development of sustainable tourism, and the latest confirmation of this is the initiative of the World Tourism Organization to establish the first Center for Sustainable Tourism in Croatia.

"The Center will contribute to our strategic goals by providing timely and relevant research in all areas that affect the development of sustainable tourism. Since Croatia, thanks to the reform of tourism development management, is already recognized as a leader in the development of sustainable tourism, the establishment of this Center in Croatia will be an additional step in positioning our country as a leader in tourism policies at the global level", Brnjac concluded.

Symposium in St. Gallenu is one of the longest-running and most relevant symposia in the world, which through intergenerational dialogues with leading experts and officials discusses various topics under the vision "Lead with new generations in mind".  This year's Symposium takes place under the name "Coping with the lack of resources", and among others, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary Peter Szijjarto, the Minister of Labor of Singapore Tan See Leng, the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein Daniel Risch, the former President of Latvia Egils Levits, the CEOs of Lufthansa and Coca-Cola, as well as many other distinguished experts, businessmen and professors.

Source and photo: MINTS


2. May 2024.