More than 100 visitors visited Vinkovac autumn

"In the town on Bosut, let's remember the Vinkovci autumns as they were this year, Vinkovci were full for ten days, the streets were almost impassable, what...


18. September 2023.

"In the town on Bosut, let's remember the Vinkovci autumns as they were this year, Vinkovci were full for ten days, the streets were almost impassable, as shown by figures that have never been recorded before.", these are the words of the organizers of the Vinkovac autumns at today's media conference, which were presented by the president of the Organizing Committee of the 58th Vinkovac autumns and the mayor of Vinkovac Ivan Bosančić who did not miss the opportunity to praise all those who participated in the organization of this great event.

In the first 17 days of September this year, 38 more invoices were issued compared to the same period last year, which is an increase of 27%, and approximately 130 visitors visited the oldest European city during the event.

"I am extremely proud that everything was at the level organizationally, which is amply demonstrated by the fact that not a single incident was recorded, which is incredible if we take into account the number of people we had in the city. The Vinkova Autumns are a manifestation that brings together and represents the Croatian people, that cherishes the heritage of our ancestors and promotes the dignity and beauty of Croatian culture, and the 58th Autumns also passed in such a tone. said Bosancic.

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The mayor of Vinkovci added that it remains a pity that many visitors could not enjoy horsemen and horse-drawn carriages, because the situation is such that they did not want to cause additional problems in Vinkovci and followed all the recommendations of the profession.

Stage performance of the Opening Ceremony with a theme Two ducat shines through a series of stage pictures in their originality of customs, songs, carts and storytelling "shockingly" she showed the people of Vinkovci and their guests the story of the indispensable importance of ducats in life, reminded them of the value of life woven into the joy of the memories of our grandparents.

The ceremonial parade brought together 65 KUDs and associations

The first weekend is traditionally reserved for the Parade of Children's Groups, which brought together 64 KUD and about 3.500 young participants. This is exactly the future of Vinkovac autumns, because as long as there will be children's groups, there will be Vinkovac autumns. 

The festive parade of the Vinkovac autumns, say all those who have been a part of it at least once, is the most beautiful thing a folklorist could wish for. Thus, on the last day of the Vinkovac Autumn, as many as 2.000 folklorists in the costumes and customs of their region passed through the town, accompanied by the applause of numerous visitors, hosts and guests who come to the Autumn just as gladly as the participants.

Photo: Vinkovci Autumns


18. September 2023.