Naftalan, after investing in a swimming pool complex and new facilities, is a leader in health tourism in Zagreb County

Author  HrTurizam Promo

10. June 2022.

Health tourism is based in Zagreb County at more than 250 health facilities registered in the directory of health institutions.

The most represented health activity in the Zagreb County is dentistry and dentistry with more than 100 dental and dental practices. In addition, surgeries of general medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, physical medicine, home care medicine, general surgery, urology, diagnostics, radiology, ophthalmology, speech therapy and medical-biotechnical laboratories and dental laboratories are available. 

There are numerous polyclinics and special hospitals in this county, among which they stand out Polyclinic Radiosurgery te Naftalan Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation. Polyclinic Radiochirurgia in Sveta Nedelja is a private special hospital that diagnoses and treats cancer with the help of radiotherapy and radiosurgery, with an expert team composed of top Croatian and international experts with decades of experience in oncology.

Within health tourism, but also wellness tourism, it is definitely a flagship in this area Naftalan Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation from Ivanić-Grad which, after significant investments in the complex of outdoor and indoor swimming pools, hospital kitchen and restaurant, kinesiotherapy hall, polyvalent hall and hospital parking lot, has become an unavoidable destination for health tourism.

Recall, the special hospital Naftalan deals with the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis), diseases of the joints and spine and skin diseases (psoriasis and neurodermatitis). In addition to the spa program, the Special Hospital provides spa and wellness services, which opened up to new users. An additional advantage of this facility are cosmetic preparations: oil, creams and naphthalene-based shampoo produced by the subsidiary Ivalan Terme.

The comparative advantage of the hospital is the use of salt thermal water and naphthalene, which has long been known as a natural healing ally in maintaining health and preventing disease, and the first data on the healing properties of naphthalene were recorded by world famous traveler Marco Polo in the 13th century. 

Naphthalene has over 20.000 treated patients, and numerous scientific papers have proven the healing properties of naphthalene, but also thermo-mineral water, which is why Ivanić-Grad is a unique destination for health tourism.

Naphthalene therapy is extremely beneficial in the treatment of skin diseases, above all psoriasis and neurodermatitis, inflammatory rheumatic diseases like rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis and diseases of the joints and spine. People with these diseases naphthalene therapy significantly improves quality of life.

New complex of outdoor and indoor pools


Pools new 001 copy
The complex with three indoor and one outdoor swimming pool, new kitchen and restaurant, gym and multifunctional hall has enriched the offer of the Naftalan Special Hospital in Ivanić-Grad and opened this facility to a wider range of users.

Swimming school for children, recreational swimming, hydromassage, water exercises, Pilates and other fitness programs are available to both Naftalan patients and citizens. 

“Health tourism is an important link in the tourism of our county, and Naftalan is certainly a prelude to the capacity, significant investments and tradition that the spa has. KThe main social challenges for the development of health tourism are the growth of costs of the EU health system, prevention and new forms of treatment and personalized medicine, demographic changes through constant aging of the population and the need for a healthier lifestyle. Zagreb County is also recognized as the fastest growing health tourism destination in the European Union and is considered a high-income industry that then vertically binds and strengthens many other segments important for the accelerated development of the entire region, " points out the director of the Zagreb County Tourist Board Ivana Alilović.

These institutions are the bearers of health tourism, which relies on a number of additional facilities that allow Zagreb County to impose and develop a competitive and recognizable tourist product.

Cover photo: Naftalan Special Hospital


Author  HrTurizam Promo

10. June 2022.