Real estate in Opatija is the most expensive in the country, followed by Dubrovnik and Rovinj

Average prices in November 2023 ranged from 1355 to 5252 euros per square meter.


January 11, 2024

An analysis of the prices of apartments advertised in November on the portal reveals different trends in the real estate market. In addition to the rise in prices, which has been common until now, the statistics show how part of the cities recorded a decline monthly values. 

In the interior of the country, for example, Karlovac and Varaždin experienced the biggest monthly price drop, while Bjelovar and Slavonski Brod recorded the biggest increase.

Cities on the coast traditionally stand out for their expensiveness. Leading the way Opatija in which the price of 5000 euros per square meter was exceeded, followed by a slightly cheaper one Dubrovnik.

The data also show that it is Rijeka, neighboring Opatija, was significantly more affordable during November with a price of 2843 euros per square meter and a monthly increase of 1,9 percent.

As opposed to that, Osijek i Slavonski Brod they have significantly lower average prices, namely 1822 and 1836 euros per square meter. Karlovac is, with an average price of 1355 euros per m2, considered one of the cheaper Croatian cities.

Furthermore, Doc Varazdin recorded a drop in prices to 2661 euros per square meter, in Bjelovar average advertised prices rose to 1826 euros. 

destination remains the most expensive in the continental part with an average price of 2973 euros per square meter, registering a growth of 0,2 percent compared to the previous month.

The appeal of coastal cities is not waning

The Adriatic coast is known for its attractiveness, and despite high prices, real estate there continues to attract foreign and domestic buyers.

Well-known tourist destinations such as Opatija, Rovinj, Umag, Poreč and Rijeka record prices that vary from 2843 euros to 5252 euros per square meter.

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Opatija records the average value of a square meter, which exceeded the amount of even 5000 euros, so the average asking price for apartments there during November was 5252 euros per square meter, but Opatija prices still fell by 0,5 percent on a monthly basis.

The classified information shows that she is her neighbor Rijeka during November it was almost twice as cheap.

High prices of 4531 euros and 4293 euros per m2 are recorded Rovinj, where apartments are 1,7 percent more expensive than a month earlier, and Umag which records a drop in advertised prices of 3,2 percent. They are somewhat more affordable Porec, with an increase of 1,2 percent and a price per square meter of 3684 euros, and Pula with 3014 euros and a monthly price increase of 2,3 percent.

In the middle part of the Adriatic, Zadar recorded an average price of 3400 euros per square meter with a growth of 0,2 percent, while Sibenik, with a drop in the same percentage, to a slightly lower 3391 euros.

The southern part of the country records very high real estate prices. Dubrovnik i Split they have average prices per square meter of 4902 and 4286 euros. It's a bit cheaper Makarska with an average price of 3510 euros per m2.

The wishes of the seller are one thing, the reality is something else

Although the average advertised prices of apartments show the approximate state of the market, it is worth noting that they do not represent the real prices at which real estate is ultimately sold.

"The real estate market in Croatia offers a variety of opportunities for apartment buyers, whether they are looking for luxury on the Adriatic or more affordable prices in the continental part. This data on the average prices of homes sold through offers useful insights for potential buyers and sellers of real estate. However, in any case, it should always be taken into account that the requested prices do not reflect the values ​​at which real estate is sold, but represent the wishes of the sellers who create them.", he said Mladen Matijević, regional director of Indomio d.o.o. which manages the network of real estate portals, and

Cover photo: TZ Opatija / Marin Ćuk Vurnek 


January 11, 2024