New and innovative Croatian product - the first modular beaches and terraces as a solution against concreting beaches

Concreting beaches is the most harmful to the environment, both ecologically and visually. On the other hand, we are irreversibly destroying the most valuable resource, and we are turning beaches and space into facelessness and classic boring standardization with ...

Concreting beaches is the most damaging to the environment, both ecologically and visually. On the other hand, we are irreversibly destroying the most valuable resource, and we are turning beaches and space into impersonal and classic boring standardization with the competition.

Although we are a tourist country, so far we have not offered any solution to this problem, in fact, as if there were no attempts, but no more. A phenomenal solution to stop the devastation of the coast and its concreting and at the same time increase the quality and capacity in the segment of beaches and terraces finally exists, and it comes to us no less than flat Slavonia.

This is the first such, completely new and innovative product on both the Croatian and world markets - modular prefabricated beaches, terraces and paths.

The idea and the whole thing could not be simpler, more logical and more practical. By simply connecting the modules from the inaccessible rocky beach, you get a beach tailored to your wishes and needs. Also, through the inaccessible terrain and bushes we can easily make a beautiful promenade or quickly and easily we can mount a terrace for a restaurant or cafe. “Since these are assembly or disassembly elements, no building permits are required for their installation, and the legs of the module are height-adjustable, so no matter where you place them, you will always get a flat surface.”Points out Alen Alić from Aurea Group, a company from Osijek that manufactures catering furniture and tables for dining rooms and restaurants.

The idea came the way the best ideas come, as a solution to a challenge that plagued him personally. “This year I bought a house on Peljesac and started dreaming about how to arrange apartments for the season and the beach for future guests, but without the devastation of the coast and encroachment on the natural environment. Then I came up with the idea to make modules that are easy to connect, which are adjustable, and so the first modular prefabricated beach, ie a terrace, was created.. ” Alic pointed out.

The legs are modular and height-adjustable, and are connected as modules according to the surface we want or as "Lego" cubes. The standard module has a 10 cm leg as well as the possibility of 10 cm pull-out, and a load capacity of 500 kg, but as Alić points out, if there are major irregularities on the field, then the required leg height is added to order and thus adapts to any terrain.

The modules are made of galvanized steel pipes for protection against salt and rust, and the modules are connected to each other with stainless steel screws while they are fastened to the substrate with wedges or anchor bolts, depending on the substrate.
The wood panels are made of hard Larch wood that is resistant to all weather conditions and that is just inserted into the module. It is possible to get it in three variants: raw wood, lacquered natur or dark shade - rosewood).

"The advantage of our beaches and terraces is that they are assembly-disassembly, modular, easily portable, easy to assemble and disassemble, the legs are adjustable and adaptable to any surface, the modules are very solid - load capacity of 1 module is 500 kg, no construction work required and some great interventions. The modules are installed before the season, later disassembled and stored in the warehouse for the next season, maintenance is simple and no building permits are required. It does not disturb the natural environment and balance, prevents devastation and concreting of the coast, and at the same time will increase the quality and capacity in the segment of premium beaches and terraces. The steel construction is hot-dip galvanized so that there will be no rust, and the wood is varnished with environmentally friendly weather-resistant paints."", Explains Alic.

As Alić points out, so far, various domestic hoteliers and distributors have shown interest in this innovative product, and there is also interest from neighboring countries. “The holidays are over, the budgets have been adopted so we will start implementing them soon. We were contacted by a lot of cafes and restaurants from Zagreb to Istria that are waiting for permits from the cities to set up terraces, so they immediately order our modules. We are in negotiations for the market of Italy and Montenegro, along with several other countries that have sea tourism. This year we expect at least 10.000 square meters of prefabricated beaches and terraces, and we believe it could be much more if we confirm contracts abroad. Since it is a serial production, in a short time we can meet the needs of the market, whatever they may be", Concludes Alić.

The price of one module (m2) is 599,00 kn + VAT, which consists of a solid metal structure, screws and a wooden base (decking). Delivery time is very fast and there is more than enough time for delivery until the new tourist season. It is important to emphasize that it is not necessary to obtain a building permit because it is an assembly-disassembly product. It is only necessary to obtain permission to use the space from the city or municipality.

And as life often writes strange stories and destinies, Alić is currently writing a doctorate on the topic "Improving the quality of the tourist offer in the whole of Croatia", so in addition to a great business idea, he also received a topic for his doctoral dissertation.

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