New Advent concept in Zagreb, new locations announced and more than 100 concerts

Advent in Zagreb this year will begin on November 26 and will last, together with New Year's events, until January 7, 2023.


November 4, 2022

Organized by the City of Zagreb, the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb and institutional and private partners, multiple award-winners Advent Zagreb this year will be held in the period from 26 November and will last, along with the New Year's events, until January 7, 2023.

Thus, after two years that were marked by restrictions due to the pandemic, Advent Zagreb returns in full glory, bringing a variety of programs and offers to numerous locations. 

The opening is scheduled for Saturday, November 26, when the first Advent candle will be lit on Ban Jelačić Square at 17 p.m., followed by the opening of Gornjograd locations at 18 p.m., the Ice Park on King Tomislav Square opens at 19 p.m., and at 19:50 p.m. the lights will be on in Zrinjevac.

"This year, we are starting with a new concept of Advent, which was developed in cooperation with the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb and the Maksimir Public Institution, and which we believe will further stimulate creativity and good ideas in designing Advent activities and events. The most important step forward is the transparent way of selecting bidders through tenders, and the emphasis was placed on the quality and quantity of the planned cultural, musical and entertainment content and the arrangement of the locations. This resulted in a diverse cultural offer for all age groups, different food offering concepts, a large offer of domestic products and many other interesting things. and the skating rink on Tomislavac, but with less green space, in order to reconcile both the profession and the wishes of our fellow citizens. We also took care to make Advent ecologically sustainable: usedisposable, biodegradable packaging will be used and waste separation points will be set up", said during the presentation of Advent 2022, the mayor of the City of Zagreb, Tomislav Tomasevic.

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"After two pandemic years, we are especially looking forward to this year's Advent, which will introduce us to the festive mood and anticipation of Christmas in the best possible way with rich programs. In addition to the above, more than 100 concerts will be held in closed and open city spaces, squares and streets ; then there are occasional exhibitions in museums and galleries; and we should highlight the cooperation with the HNK in Zagreb, the Croatian Chamber of Crafts and the Zagreb Zoo. They all prepare special programs. We also cooperate with Zagreb hotels, domestic and foreign transport companies, and we started with international promotion in 21 markets. Advent Zagreb is one of the most important events for Zagreb and Croatian tourism, and I expect that, as in previous years, it will contribute to the growth of tourist traffic in Zagreb.", said the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, Martina Bienenfeld.

Turkish Airlines gives a discount to passengers flying to Zagreb

Turkish Airlines stated that this year they will offer discounts to everyone flying to Zagreb, up to 20% discount in business class and up to 15% discount in economy class. Interestingly, passengers from the USA will also receive special benefits.

This winter, Turkish Airlines will connect Zagreb 12 times a week with 300 destinations, via Istanbul.

Zagreb Advent is advertised in more than 20 countries

Offline advertising is planned on the markets of Austria, BiH, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden and Estonia, while online advertising will be on the markets of: Austria, Belgium, BiH, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland , Italy, Canada, Hungary, Romania, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, the USA, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and the UK, according to TZGZ.

Director of Commercial Affairs Croatia Airlines Slaven Žabo he said that passengers will be served Zagreb snacks during the flight, and the plane will be decorated with symbols of Zagreb. 

Also, HŽ will have a discount on return tickets on weekends on all national lines to Zagreb GK and free transportation from Monday to Thursday from 16 to 24 hours in suburban traffic.

A rich cultural and musical program at various locations in the city, as well as detailed timetables of all programs and current information are available at official pages of Advent Zagreb.


November 4, 2022