Nikola Grgurić, City of Rab: When the event becomes the reason for coming, it is proof of its uniqueness and quality

The Rab Fair is the oldest and largest medieval summer festival in Croatia

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11. July 2023.

Entering the month of July, the City of Rab will be presented to the public for the 22nd time in a row Rab Fair.

Taj the oldest and largest medieval summer festival in Croatia is based on a tradition that began on July 21, 1364, when the Rab city council decided to pay tribute to King Ljudevit the Great, who freed Rab from Venetian rule. In the past, the Fjera lasted 14 days, when the population of the island celebrated the power of St. Christopher, who is credited with saving the city from destruction, and the Fjera is also held in his honor. 

The Rab Fair is held every year from July 25 to 27 (these days are also the days of St. Jacob, St. Anna and St. Christopher), and during the Fair the whole town returns to the past.

Small craft shops and craft workshops line the city streets, offering visitors a unique opportunity to see on the spot how a trouser belt or scented pomade is made in the traditional way, or how hair is decorated with tiny flowers, just like in the Middle Ages. The smell of freshly fried šulčići wafts through the air, while a whole fishing village sprouts up on the beach, even toys for children are made. The streets resound with song and music while passers-by are offered fish, fritters, cheese and wine.

The last day of the Rab Fair, July 27, is also the day of the patron saint of Rab, St. Christopher. Knight games of the Association of Rap Crossbowmen are held on that day.

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On behalf of the main organizers, the City of Rab, TZG Rab and POU Rab, Mayor Nikola Grgurić announced the 22nd Rab Fair, the first and largest summer medieval festival in Croatia and winner of the title of tourist event in 2018, and at the same time sent an invitation to everyone who wants to experience this truly special experience of returning the historic city center of Rab to the medieval past:

"Any attempt to conjure the Rab festival to someone who has not had the opportunity to experience it is impossible. It is a manifestation that rests on its credibility and authenticity, the initiators and carriers of which are the people of Rab, numerous individuals, associations and clubs who with special love, through cooperation, volunteerism and, above all, togetherness, pass on their history and traditions to new generations, creating a special experience. of the city and its history for visitors from various countries. When a world-renowned, award-winning event becomes the reason for coming, it is proof of its uniqueness and quality.

I am happy and proud, that with the help of our dear friends from our friendly towns and with well-known guests-participants who come to us from far away Japan on their own initiative, we can present to the public another Rab fair, which also welcomes the 135th anniversary of organized tourism, which we will celebrate next yearGrgurić pointed out.

This year, apart from participants from Rab and from the friendly cities of San Marino and Montegiardino - Republic of San Marino, Konigsbrunn - Germany, Kočevje and Sežana - Slovenia, the Rab Fair will also have special guests coming from far away Japan.

We are talking about 11 members of the Katanayaichi Tokyo samurai school who are on a world tour this year, and have chosen and expressed their desire to perform at the Rab Fair among many world capitals. 

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Guided by the idea that the Rab Fair has elements of chivalry and nurtures a long tradition, the Katanayaichi Tokyo Samurai School and the organizers of the Fair decided to connect the chivalry of these two cities, Rab and Tokyo, and in this way present a truly attractive program to the many visitors of the Rab Fair through their performances and workshops. The samurai of the Katanayaichi Tokyo school make their own katanas, and are better known to the general public as the samurai who starred in the big movie hit, the movie Kill Bill.

But the surprises for this year's Rab Fair do not end there.

After the traditional pyromusical fireworks at midnight, which marks the return from the medieval past to the present, everyone who decides to spend that evening in the Municipium Arba square will be entertained by the excellent Platinum ABBA, a musical group that comes from Great Britain and brings special entertainment by the famous Abba.

See the entire program of the 22nd Rabeska fair here.

Photo: TZG Rab

Author  HrTurizam Promo

11. July 2023.