The Nikola Tesla Experience Center in Karlovac exceeded all expectations

Sixteen thousand visitors have passed through the Nikola Tesla Experience Center since its opening

Author  HrTurizam Promo

12. December 2023.

Sixteen thousand visitors have passed through the Nikola Tesla Experience Center since its opening. This is a number that exceeded all expectations, and is only one of the indicators of good work and the path taken by the Center.

Point at i of the NTEC project is today's final conference where the results of the Center's work so far were mentioned, as well as everything planned for the future, and the future is precisely the one that Nikola Tesla himself always looked towards.

"Karlovac and the County of Karlovac deserve Tesla, and Tesla looked to the future, and that's what we want too, to provide the coming generations with a place of knowledge, innovation and the opportunity to realize it all together in business. Many generations before us thought about how to thank that historic the fact that Nikola Tesla was a student of the Karlovac High School for three years. This Center met all our expectations and even exceeded them." said the prefect Martina Furdek-Hajdin.

Nikola Tesla Center Karlovac County 2

The construction of the Nikola Tesla Experience Center lasted five years, and a total of 6,5 million euros were invested in the Center and the parking lot that are part of the project. EUR 3,1 million was provided through the ITU mechanism, Karlovac County invested EUR 2,3 million, the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds and the Ministry of Culture and Media participated in the financing with a total of EUR 0,4 million, and the city of Karlovac provided is 0,7 million euros.

"What I want to highlight in particular within the project itself are the indicators. The indicators of this project were focused on the number of entrepreneurs and novice entrepreneurs who will be involved in the project. We fulfilled that and not only fulfilled it, but four times more entrepreneurs were included through advisory services in this project. I'm extremely happy about that and it's the credit of my fellow business advisors at our center", pointed out the director of NTEC Martina Marušić Britvec.

That the Center in itself is interesting and useful for young people, which is what is expected of it, was shown by the surprise of the conference, which is a phenomenal lightning, made on a 3D printer, by the author, a student of the 1st grade of Karlovac Technical School, Karlo Muić.

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Source and photo: Karlovac County

Author  HrTurizam Promo

12. December 2023.