Not a day or a week, but a whole month: Osijek-Baranja County invites you to Wine Month

An important context in destination branding.


6. May 2024.

The Tourist Board of Osijek-Baranja County in cooperation with the tourist boards of Valpo, Osijek, Draž, Baranja, Erdut and Đakovo presents Wine month of Osijek-Baranja County which will last from May 11 to July 5, 2024.

The wine month is special because it lasts longer than the calendar month - during May and June, until the beginning of July, and offers a wide variety of opportunities to socialize with a glass of wine with a view of vineyards, castles and other rural and urban sights.

In many ways wine offer in Slavonia and Baranja it belongs to the group "most", the largest wine producers in Croatia, the largest wine cellar, the largest vineyard, the largest barrel..., dare we say the best Croatian wines, especially white.

Therefore, we can rightly say that the east of Croatia is a wine paradise, say the Tourist Board of Osijek-Baranja County.

This year, the Wine Month starts on May 11 with the Cheese and Wine Festival in Valpovo, and then we socialize with wine in Osijek on the Wine Walk in Museums on May 17, at the Evening of Wine and Art on May 18, and on May 25 at the Osijek Wine & Walk.


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We will end May in Draž in Baranja with the event Wine and tambourine on May 31st, and the month of June will continue in the Baranja vineyards, on June 1st in Kamenec with the popular Baranja Wine & Walk, during which you can experience vineyards and picturesque views on a leisurely hiking walk. Banski brdo.

The weekend later continues in a wine-recreational style in Zmajevac at the Vinathlon on June 8, and on the same day in the nearby Erdut vineyard at the Fiš&Aljmaš event, find out which wine goes best with Danube fish.

The second part of June and the very beginning of July bring us new unforgettable wine experiences. Discover the fairytale Đakovo vineyard and the open cellars of Mandićevac on June 21 and Trnava on June 22 as part of Bonavita, one of our oldest wine events.

Celebrate the end of the Wine Month on July 5 in Osijek at this year's second Evening of Wine and Art, one of the most visited wine events, with concerts, exhibitions and the best wines of Slavonia and Danube.

Why wine is important month Osijek-Baranja County, not a day or a week?

An excellent example of how to complete the entire program with one visual. Clear communication and even better promotion. In this way, the promotion is based on the entire program, as well as visuals, and not individual events. Which is much more efficient in promotion and branding. Also, the destination sends the message that it is alive for the whole month, not just one weekend. 

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Photo: Wine Walk Baranja Archives of TZ Baranja

As all the events will pass from week to week, there will be more and more posts from visitors on social networks, all of which are connected to one "umbrella" event - the month of wine. That's why we need a #hashtag, a poster, a promo video, a web page, a FB event, a logo... the list goes on.

In any case, from the marketing and communication side, it is much more efficient to round off one month of events, than to promote each event separately. I can visualize the above visual with the program as a billboard in Zagreb. The message is clear: Osijek-Baranja county is a wine destination. 

Which it certainly is, as well as the whole of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem. If there is a wine destination, it is Slavonia. As stated above by various criteria, from the largest quantities of wine production and vineyards to the most famous wineries. You just need branding followed by strong promotion in order to build the brand (of course this is only one part of the branding process). And these kinds of manifestations, as well as this kind of program - they certainly are.  

Also, with this approach, we give guests more options to choose from, if they cannot come to the event that day (rain or any other reason) or a certain weekend. It should certainly be mentioned that the wine month does not take place only in Osijek, nor is it about the same program, i.e. one that is replicated from destination to destination in Osijek-Baranja County. 

As we can see from the program, each wine event is different and targets a different target group: from the Wine&Walk in Baranja, to the Urban Wine&Walk in Osijek or the Evening of Wine and Art to the Vinathlon - which adds diversity to the entire program and branding. 

An excellent example for all other tourist destinations. 

PS Everything is of course consistent in visas Headoneast followed by the entire destination - modern, unique and different. 

Photo: Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board


6. May 2024.