NP Krka from today and in augmented reality (AR)

With its new AR mobile application "Krka National Park Tour", the Public Institution "Krka National Park Tour" has made another step forward in the application of new technologies in order to bring the augmented reality of the Park closer to its visitors. The augmented reality mobile application in AR technology will facilitate the arrival, orientation and movement of visitors in the area of ​​Skradinski Buk and provide more information about the facilities in the Park.

The new application "Krka National Park Tour" is based on the AR (Augmented reality) concept, ie the concept of augmented reality, which is based on the idea of ​​digitally adding information to the real world given to us by mobile devices (with screen, GPS, camera, compass). and other sensors), so that on the screen of such a device we see reality in an expanded form.

The free AR mobile application is available in as many as twelve languages, so visitors will find out exactly where they are in the area and where the "points of interest" (POIs) are: entrances and exits, receptions, bus stops, excursion boats, restaurants, souvenir shops, ethnological presentations and more.


The application is very simple and after downloading and running the AR application "Krka National Park Tour" a radar will appear on the screen with marked points of interest in the area, showing not only the direction in which they are located, but also their distance, that is, the exact location in space. Clicking on these points will get more information about them (text, photo, video), and turning the smart mobile device in space on its screen will pop up other significant points of interest that are in that direction and if we start walking in their direction, data about the distance will change in real time. "Thanks to this information, visitors will be able to better plan the time they will spend in the Park, it will be easier to navigate and move in it because they will know how much time they need to reach certain locations or exits, so they will enjoy the benefits of nature and cultural and historical sights. " stand out from the Krka National Park, which are, both promotionally and educationally, the most active national park in Croatia.

The application is available for download via Apple and Google app stores:

iOS (iTunes) =>

Android (Google Play) =>

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