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Days of Croatian Tourism (DHT), a traditional meeting of tourism workers and all stakeholders in the tourism system of the Republic of Croatia, organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Tourist Board, ...

Days of Croatian Tourism (DHT), a traditional meeting of tourism workers and all stakeholders in the tourism system of the Republic of Croatia, organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Tourist Board, will be held October 28rd and 29th 2021 in Silver in the Dubrovnik Parish.

The Days of Croatian Tourism bring together numerous experts from tourism and many other activities related to tourism, and this year the organizers have prepared a number of interesting events.

"After the excellent results we have achieved through joint efforts this year, the Days of Croatian Tourism are an opportunity to review current topics in tourism and exchange knowledge and experiences. This year we will have an interesting program with the participation of many experts from various fields of tourism, and we are especially pleased that we will discuss education and employment of young people in tourism. We will round off the event with the awarding of tourist prizes in order to further encourage those who have been an example to all of us with their effort, work and innovation.", Pointed out the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac on the occasion of the announcement of the Croatian Tourism Day.

Thus, the Conference on the Future of Europe: Youth in Tourism will be held within DHT, which will focus on one of the most current topics in tourism - the workforce. The conference will discuss how to strengthen the institutional framework for education and employment of young people in tourism and how to increase the attractiveness of occupations in tourism for young people. 

A panel organized by the Croatian National Tourist Board called "From the new normal to normal - what global trends in travel will stay for good? What will change? ” will bring together representatives of the world's largest travel company TUI, the largest Greek-Cypriot hotel chain with over 60 high quality hotels Atlantic Hotels, a leading travel platform particularly popular in America Expediate one of the world's leading tour operators easyJet Holidays, and who will share business experiences gained during pandemics and announce trends in the next tourist year. Special attention will be paid to Croatia as one of the tourist destinations which, despite the challenging times and circumstances caused by the global pandemic, has achieved excellent tourist results. 

"As a tourist destination, Croatia has again achieved a very notable result this year, which has positioned us as the most successful and safest tourist destination in the Mediterranean. This year, we will bring eminent foreign experts and representatives of leading foreign companies, tour operators and online platforms to the Days of Croatian Tourism, who will share their experiences, results, but also expectations from the tourist offer and demand, ie trends that will mark the years ahead. This will also be an opportunity to reward individuals in tourism and the best employees who, despite the demanding circumstances, uncertainties and challenges, have contributed to the successful tourist year we are witnessing today.", Said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić.

This year, the traditional Croatian Tourism Forum will be held entitled: "Digital transformation - changing the way we think" which will discuss digital transformation from the perspective of users and service providers, as the only trend in tourism that has lasted for years and which has affected every aspect of tourism.

The coronavirus-caused pandemic pushed everyone to shift into fifth gear, and creativity and innovation brought new solutions. With this in mind, the topic of this year's Croatian Tourist Forum, which is traditionally organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, is "Digital transformation - changing the way we think". Namely, technology is the basis that is necessary for the development of smart tourism. However, it alone is not enough, so it will be recognized by experts, who will introduce the audience to the tools and frameworks that digitalisation provides in order to create new, added value to tourism products.  

"The digital transformation of tourism is strongly correlated with the European recovery plan and the new programming period, which focuses on the green and digital transition. Of the 2,2 billion kuna from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which is directed to tourism, as much as 1,3 billion is aimed at strengthening sustainability and encouraging green and digital transition of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector and I believe that our tourism companies will take this opportunity and raise service quality and business efficiency, and ultimately increase productivity and competitiveness. Therefore, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has chosen digital transformation for this year's theme, now the traditional Croatian Tourist Forum: "Digital transformation - changing the way we think". The possibilities are endless as everything has moved to digital channels. From the choice of destination until the moment of booking accommodation and searching for experiences. Creating a personalized offer is the future of tourism. There are already many of our companies that are examples of good practice and excellent creative solutions, and it is up to the others to transform as soon as possible in order to highlight and meet the expectations of guests." said the president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Luka Burilović.

On Friday, October 29, as the final event of the Croatian Tourism Day, tourist awards for 2021 will be presented.

Croatian Tourism Day program as well as information related to applications find here .

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