Artupuncture - Zagreb art therapy begins

Photo: Artupuncture - Boška and Krešo


8. September 2022.

Second edition Artupuncture, a unique project Tourist boards of the city of Zagreb and partners, starts on September 15. It will be like this from next Thursday to present as many as 23 art projects each of which in its own way provides art therapy to Zagreb and revitalizes the city.

The project is conceived as a platform for culture and art, where joint artistic activity at specific points of Zagreb aims to awaken its vital energy. The premier edition of Artupuncture took place in September of last year, and the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb realizes it in cooperation with partners, uniting, thus, various artistic events in Zagreb.

"Artupuncture is a unique project of the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb and its partners, which has been joined by numerous participants with their programs, and through which we place additional emphasis on the cultural tourism of our city. Namely, more than 40% of all trips in Europe are motivated precisely by some cultural event, program or incentive, therefore, Artupunktura, connecting culture and tourism, emphasizes the area of ​​contemporary culture, i.e. the development of the cultural offer and positioning of the city of Zagreb as a creative center and destination of the urban cultural scene of this part of Europe." said the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board Martina Bienenfeld.

The program of the second edition of Artupuncture consists of 23 program holders, which is more than twice as many as last year's premier edition. Bienenfeld especially emphasized how, through Art Future - the first exhibition of digital art in augmented reality in the whole of Southeast Europe, Zagreb stands alongside cities such as Berlin, New York, Toronto and Hong Kong, otherwise world leaders in digital art.

"Through exhibition, intervention, discourse or socializing, Zagreb's art collectives and organizations, artists, partners and visitors have established autumn as a time for awakening awareness of the value of creation, thereby providing Zagreb with art therapy. Affirming art in society, we affirm Zagreb as a city of art and of culture, therefore, I thank all partners for recognizing our initiative and participating in the implementation of Artupuncture, which strengthens Zagreb's year-round offer", Bienenfeld emphasized.

Artupuncture poster tz Zagreb 2022

This year, in addition to some of the most important names of the independent scene such as the Academy of Fine Arts, the Croatian Society of Fine Artists and Lauba - house for art and people, six city institutions also joined the project: the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Center culture in Peščenica, Center for Culture and Information Maksimir, Center for Culture Trešnjevka and National University of Dubrava

"I am pleased to see that the city's institutions also got involved this year, and thus the maintenance of this project truly covered the area of ​​the entire city. I send my hearty congratulations to the organizers, the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb and the partners who will greatly contribute to the tourism offer of the City of Zagreb with this unique artistic platform and transform it into a unique center of urban culture in the next month", said the Deputy Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Port of Corlaet.

We emphasize that this year's edition of Artupuncture brings 15 new art projects, namely: Art Bubble; Art Future; ART in my QUARTER, ART by KNAP!; Artupuncture in Dubrava; Reading the city; Exhibition on the road; Karas + Kvart; Love in the sun - solar projection "Love around the world"; Mediterranean boisterous Boris Bućan – Playful Petar Dolić Dionysian dance on Gvozd; MUO in Mažuranc; Buds; The world of robots; "Got to go!" IK Homage to Ivan Kožarić; Trešnjevka is waking up! #3 and 30 scenes for 30 years of Croatian independence.

Of course, last year's partners who have prepared new editions of theirs participate in the program eight art projects: ALU perspective 2; Art & City; Art Zagreb 2022; Ilica Gallery: Open Book; Project Ilica: Q'ART – BUJAN RJAN; Rally around the galleries; 36 Mountains Festival and the 57th Zagreb salon "We appeared as a strategy of eternity" where the official opening of Artupuncture will take place.

Artupuncture lasts until mid-October, and details of individual programs are available on the website You can also download the materials from the QR code:

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8. September 2022.