Open applications for the Annual Croatian Tourist Awards


2. August 2022.

The Croatian National Tourist Board has opened online applications for Annual Croatian Tourist Awards, which will be awarded this year as part of the event Days of Croatian tourism, a traditional meeting of tourism workers and all stakeholders of the Croatian tourism system.

Applications are open for awards in the categories for the best destination of the year, event of the year, cultural attraction of the year, natural attraction of the year and for unique gastronomic experience of the year. Applications are also being accepted for the award People in tourism, in which the Annual Award is awarded "Anton Štifanić", Lifetime Achievement Award and reward "Man - the key to success, employee of the year".

"A very successful tourist season is underway in Croatia, the preparation of which has been worked hard by Croatian tourism workers. It is the people, along with our beautiful nature, destinations and resource base, that are the most valuable thing that we have and for which our country is very well recognized in the international framework, and by awarding these awards, we want to further emphasize that.", said the director of the CNTB Kristjan Staničić, adding that some new award categories were introduced this year.

Dht 1008

Let's remind you that last year, the founder and owner of the portal HrTurizam and Tourist Stories, Goran Rihelj, received the annual Anton Štifanić award.

/ / / Goran Rihelj, winner of the annual Anton Štifanić award

/ / / The Days of Croatian Tourism ended with the award ceremony for the best in tourism

Two new categories

Namely, within the category Destination of the year two new subcategories were introduced for the most successful sustainable tourism destination (innovative and smart destination) and for the most successful continental city tourism destination, while with the aim of encouraging the development, preservation and promotion of gastronomy, this year the award category was introduced for unique gastronomic experience of the year.

"Days of Croatian tourism are an opportunity to recognize tourism workers, but also to all others who contribute to a positive image of Croatia with their hospitality, and to reward innovation and quality products, services and people who round it all into successful tourism stories. We want to highlight our orientation towards sustainable tourism and the development of year-round tourism throughout Croatia, as well as products that have an increasing added value, such as eno gastro tourism, through new categories as part of this year's award ceremony. Croatian tourism can boast of excellent results, and they are the product of hard-working tourism workers, and therefore I hereby invite all those interested to apply and nominate their associates, so that we can meet and reward the best of the best that Croatian tourism can offer.", said the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac. 

Let's add that the deadline for submitting candidacies is Friday, August 12, 2022., with a note on how to apply for "Anton Štifanić" annual award i Lifetime Achievement Award received by Wednesday, 31. August 2022. Submission of candidacies is done exclusively through online application forms available at official site Croatian National Tourist Board.

DHT this year in Šibenik

As we unofficially find out, this year's Days of Croatian Tourism will be held in Šibenik as part of Solaris. 

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2. August 2022.