This Friday, the 15th jubilee Museum Night will be held throughout Croatia

The exceptional interest of museums and numerous other heritage, educational and scientific institutions confirms this year as well that the 15th Jubilee Museum Night will attract a large number of visitors to this longest museum ...

The exceptional interest of museums and many other heritage, educational and scientific institutions this year confirms that the 15th Jubilee Museum Night will attract a large number of visitors to this longest museum night of the year, which will take place on January 31 from 18 to 1 p.m.

The theme of this year's Museum Night "Great Anniversary of Croatian Museums" is set very broadly in order to re-actualize through various museum and other programs a number of issues related to the role and importance of museums in the development of modern society. It will be an opportunity for Croatian museologists to once again remind the general public of the importance of "museum history, present and future".

In recent years, the Museum Night event has been built by museologists with their programs, the audience that has supported the event from year to year, the general public, the media and partners. Based on numerous surveys, research on the attitudes of visitors to Croatian museums and quality records of visits to museums and other heritage institutions, hundreds of thousands of visitors have visited Croatian museums in the past 15 years of the Museum Night event. One of the most significant achievements of the event is the promotion of the museum and the museum profession and the creation of a new audience, because many visitors on Museum Night "discovered" museums, to later become a permanent audience.

"Therefore, the 15th Museum Night is another opportunity for museologists and all other participants to offer the public and the general public a variety of experiences - from museum collections, professional, scientific, educational and entertainment content, to the possibility of virtual tours of museum exhibits, historic buildings and protected heritage sites. localities and the application of digital technologies that have opened up unimagined possibilities for inspiration, interpretation and presentation of museum contents. Last year's Museum Night was marked on the future development and digital future of Croatian museums, the application of modern technologies in the presentation of museum exhibits, and various current topics in previous years additionally sensitized the public about the importance of museum institutions.", Point out the authors of the Museum Night, Vesna Jurić Bulatović and Dubravka Osrečki Jakelić, on behalf of the Croatian Museum Society.

This event is an ideal opportunity for all private renters and hoteliers to provide added value. The presentation and recommendation of the Museum Night will surely appeal to guests, especially foreigners, because cultural tourism is one of the leading interests of visitors.

The full program, as well as a list of museums, can be found HERE.

Source / photo: Museum Night

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