Pannonia Gourmet as one of the best examples of sustainable gastronomy presented at Place2GO


8. April 2022.

The Pannonia Gourmet project was included among the eight best examples of sustainable gastronomy chosen by the European Commission, and at the International Tourism Fair Place2GO in Zagreb, the project was presented to the professional tourism public and visitors.

On this occasion, probably the largest Croatian cake with greaves was made and distributed to visitors as a symbol of Slavonian gastronomy, but also an invitation to all to enjoy the natural environment of Šokački stan and the rich tradition and culture. A delicious cake that smelled the space of the Zagreb Arena and brought smiles to the faces of visitors and exhibitors was made in Vinkovci as part of the presentation of Slavonian pig slaughter and traditional gastronomic products from Slavonian pigs. This is probably the largest Slavonian cake with greaves in Croatia, but also in the world - if you believe Google. With this symbolic act, the people of Vinkovci concluded a successfully implemented project and started a new tourist story of the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe. 

Eat pannonia cutting bread 00

For this unusually large cake with greaves almost 2 meters long and 60 centimeters wide, chef Filip Zovkić needed 18 kilograms of flour, 8 liters of milk, 8 kilograms of greaves, 600 grams of yeast, half a kilo of salt, 200 grams of sugar, half a liter of oil, 30 grams of pepper and 10 eggs. Along with the promotion of the project and the Eat Pannonia brand, Slavonians also presented honey wine at the fair - an increasingly famous mead that was popularized by the Game of trones series and premium brandy, otherwise the most famous fruit drops of Slavonia and Srijem. 

Let us remind you that the promoted Pannonia Gourmet project is the result of cross-border cooperation between Croatia and Serbia. The aim of the project is to develop an innovative and integrated tourism product as well as to promote regional enogastro tourism by creating a joint brand "Eat Pannonia". Through the development of a joint gastronomic offer, the growth of participants' capacities and the overall increase in the attractiveness of the cross-border region, tourism is recognized as one of the key factors for economic growth. 

The project itself promotes the brand "Eat Pannonia" within which the Šokački apartment in Vinkovci was renovated, which becomes a modern gourmet center, and the Agency for Development and Investment of the City of Vinkovci, which is a partner in the implementation of the City of Vinkovci. European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) 2022. This report presents the most innovative sustainable tourism projects, ideas and initiatives, and Pannonia Gourmet is among the top eight. The entire report aims to raise awareness of sustainable tourism tools, initiatives and projects, share best practices in sustainable tourism implemented by destinations and strengthen peer-to-peer learning and innovative tourism development.

"We are extremely proud that our ideas and dedicated work have been recognized at the European level. It is a great honor to be chosen among the top eight, given that we know how competitive the European gastronomic offer is. The implementation of this project has brought immeasurable exchange of experiences The participation of many in this project is the basis for further cross-border cooperation between Croatia and Serbia. ", said Marina Hodak Domaćinović, project manager.

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We would like to remind you that the financial resources of this project also revitalized Šokački stan in Vinkovci, which will represent the Gourmet Center, ie the place of the regional gastronomic and tourist story. It will be a destination for enjoying the environment of nature, but at the same time learning about the traditions and culture of the Šokac region.

"This project will leave a far-reaching positive impact on our overall regional tourism. The agency is currently working on expanding the contents of Šokački stan which will enrich the existing tourist offer of Vinkovci. Through continuous work we strive to contribute to economic development in all segments culture and tourism and education all the way to social projects and projects of citizens' associations ", emphasized Danijela Slipčević, director of the VIA Agency.  

Vinkovci is a city of cordial and generous people, a city with an immense historical and cultural heritage, a city of tradition, the heart of Šokadija. We build this story together with our neighbors, connect through cooperation and achieve enviable results. better, we create new ideas and turn them into projects that will be recognized by funding from European funds ", added Mayor Ivan Bosančić. 


8. April 2022.