Portugal has introduced optional travel insurance for foreign tourists

Portugal is the first country in Europe to receive the “Safe Travel” badge thanks to its security efforts during the covid19 crisis. Tourism sector and companies labeled Clean & ...

Portugal is the first country in Europe to receive the “Safe Travel” badge thanks to its security efforts during the covid19 crisis. The tourism sector and companies labeled Clean & Safe are also recognized as Safe travels companies.

By the way, Portugal as well as Visit Portugal has coped best and stood out the most on the global scene since the beginning of the covid19 crisis. From communication, campaigns, security protocols to various initiatives. “You can visit Portugal in a safe way”A message that gives confidence and certainly a motive dolska. And that all this is much more than just words and marketing, says the new initiative of Visit Portugal.

Visit Portugal launched Portugal Travel Insurance

Visitors living abroad and planning their holiday in Portugal can now subscribe to Portugal Travel Insurance (Portuguese Travel Insurance), travel insurance adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic. The initiative was launched by the Tourist Board of Portugal - Visit Portugal in cooperation with RNA Assistance Insurance, and is available at portugaltravelinsurance.com.

Travel insurance ranges from $ 37.20 per person for up to 10 days to $ 65.20 per person for a stay in Portugal for up to 60 days.

The insurance coverage extends to the entire territory of Portugal and covers, inter alia, the costs of treatment, surgery, pharmacy and hospital related to Covid-19. The insurance also covers the costs of cancellation, interruption or extension of travel due to the same pandemic. The aim is to ensure that all visitors to Portugal can travel around the country safely and reliably.

Another great initiative is Visit Portugal, which gives a clear message on the global market of destination security, along with other initiatives such as Clean & Safe Seal and the renewal of Portugal Health Passport, which is available to anyone visiting Portugal and now covers Covid- 19 tests.

Tourists planning to travel to Portugal will be able to register for free on the Health Passport website (PortugalHealthPassport), which guarantees them access to Covid-19 testing, and as they point out from Visit Portugal, PHP allows them access to high quality emergency care or pre-fixed screening. prices at five different typologies in the network of hospitals and clinics of CUF, Hospital da Luz, HPA Saúde and Lusíadas throughout the national area.

Platform Clean & Safe is a confirmation of security protocols for the entire tourism sector that primarily focuses on security, traceability of the entire chain and the trust needed to continue tourism on the demand side, but also on supply, which covers the overall value of the tourism chain. All of course according to the health safety recommendations issued by the National Tourism Authority in Portugal, and in accordance with the guidelines of the National Health Authority.

Through security initiatives and projects, Portugal is consolidating its position as a safe destination that guarantees all the key epidemiological and sanitary conditions for enjoying a unique tourist experience.

To encourage the resumption of tourism activities, Portuguese tourism teams are present in 25 strategic markets and have also intensified work with airlines, tour operators, the media and end consumers. Portugal as a tourist destination of excellence - is one of the goals of the Tourism Strategy in 2027, and with this kind of communication and confirmation that they care about safety, they are certainly on the right track.

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