Presentation of Poreč honey and oil through the common story of the town and its people

Poreč as a destination and its residents carefully nurture nature and greenery in the city

Author  HrTurizam Promo

9. August 2023.

With from Poreč urban apiary and olive oil obtained from olive groves in public city areas, wrapped in new ones visual identity, new products intended for tourist promotion of Poreč, presentations and participation in fairs and events.

The idea and the story about it were presented at today's press conference by the director of the Tourist Board of the city of Poreč Nenad Velenik, mayor of the City of Poreč-Parenzo Loris Peršurić, president of the Poreč association of beekeepers, Nektar Ivan Kovač and head of the Horticulture work unit in the Poreč Service, Nevija Poropat. 

As Velenik said, the idea is to add a visual identity to local products obtained from public areas and create a story, which in this case was designed by Studio Sonda and thus contribute to the promotion of Poreč and an important part of the offer that this city offers.

"With a gift, the desire is to interest and invite you to discover and get to know these and other autochthonous products in Poreč, and autochthonous and domestic are exactly what tourists and locals alike are increasingly looking for and appreciating today. So far, about 200 bottles of olive oil obtained from olive trees planted in city parks, courtyards of institutions and by the sea, and filled in Agrolaguna, and 200 jars of honey from an urban apiary located on a green area near the Mate Balote settlement, have been made and filled by members. association Nektar", adds Velenik. 

Otherwise, the products also contain a message - labels for extra virgin olive oil and honey they say that they are a joint product of the city and its people.

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These products show the love of the people and the city, the effort and care for every detail, they say that Poreč as a destination and its residents carefully care for nature and greenery in the city. The message is extremely important, and in the best way it is told directly through the label itself, without hidden concepts - clearly and unequivocally highlighting the strong story behind the product.

"The upgrade of the whole story will be in three to four years, because together with the Agro Poreč association, we have planted a new olive grove with autochthonous Poreč rusul, and then those products will be intended for this presentation part, for fairs and events, but also for citizens. On the other hand, there is also honey from the urban apiary that was placed three years ago, in which we and the Nektar association made an autochthonous product of our city apiary as a gift, but also as a message to show children, citizens and guests how important bees and honey are for everyone our. Honey has been present in our schools for a long time, and we will promote it in our kindergartens so that children learn about healthy eating and our home-made products. In this way, we also plan presentations and promotion of our other autochthonous products", said Mayor Peršurić.

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President of the Poreč Association of Beekeepers, Nektar Ivan Kovač he added that the Poreč urban apiary produced an extremely large amount of honey this year, and it turned out that there are possibilities for setting up more urban apiaries, and they are expecting another harvest soon, that of ivy honey.

"It is available in Istria and is of very high quality, and last year at the 1st international conference on honey held in Poreč, the authenticity of Poreč ivy honey was confirmed, which gives additional advantages to this indigenous product story for promotion, Kovač said. Nektar Association will promote and present the continuation of its activities at this year's 2nd conference on honey, which will be held this fall, when it will also hold a Honeymoon and many other activities.", announced Kovač.

Photo: TZg Poreč

Author  HrTurizam Promo

9. August 2023.