Presentation of the entire Croatian tourist offer at the fair in Bavaria

Germans will not give up their holidays and travel.


February 14, 2024.

Croatian tourist agency represents the overall Croatian tourist offer at the fair, which is held in Munich from February 14 to 18.

It is a fair for a wide audience, and its special feature is that it is held in Bavaria, the part of the country from which the largest number of German guests come to Croatia. As part of the Croatian stand, it even presents its offer at the fair 25 co-exhibitors among which are tourist boards, national parks, hoteliers, agencies, transport companies.

"Germany is our most important tourist market, which accounts for about 22% of the total overnight stays in Croatia. This is a significant figure that we respect, and the presentation of the entire Croatian tourist offer at this fair is extremely important for us. The partners we have met so far are satisfied are the previous trends, bookings and announcements for this year. Despite the challenging year, the Germans will not give up their vacations and travels. We will soon be performing at the fair in Berlin in March, which will be another opportunity to further strengthen our position on the German market.", said the director of HTZ Christian Stanicic, adding that Croatia is among the top five summer vacation destinations for Germans.

During the day, the Croatian delegation will also meet with representatives Fti, the largest Bavarian tour operator and the fourth largest in Germany, Bayerischer Fussball Verband, a football association that has almost 1,6 million members and includes over 23 football teams and with representatives LBO, the large Bavarian association of bus operators, with whom the possibilities of cooperation in the promotion of Croatian destinations will be discussed.

Duvnjak canniber brnjac milicic station photo htz

"The desire of Germans to travel is still present, and this is confirmed by the course of travel bookings, which is at satisfactory levels, despite the certain economic crisis in which Germany is. We feel a certain pressure from our destination competitors, while we try to maintain good contacts and cooperation with to our most important partners on the market, because this is the only way we can repeat the good results we have recorded in this market in recent years. Individual guests, who are also the most numerous, will have the largest share in the results, and we are also pleased by the increased demand in group travel.", she concluded Nera Milicic, head of the CNTB Office in Munich. 

During the fair, in cooperation with Croatian Chamber of Commerce, a tasting of top Croatian wines and cheeses is organized, and there are also tastings of Trogir ravioli and Makarska cake and performances by the Tempet Folklore Society.

"After last year we were a partner country here in Munich, this year too Croatia presents the best of what it has to offer - from fascinating culture to numerous activities in nature, quality accommodation, which includes some of the best camps in Europe, and not least - the Bavarian market is extremely important to us, and that is why our goal is to strengthen our position, but also to upgrade it in the context of the year-round trip of Germans to Croatia.", said the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac, who on this occasion also met with the Bavarian Minister of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism Michaela Kaniber with whom she discussed the importance of continuing cooperation in the field of tourism, the new Croatian Tourism Act, but also the connection between agriculture and tourism, the importance of using local products in order to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises, that is, the economy as a whole.


February 14, 2024.