The refreshed visual identity of the national airline was presented

Refreshed visual identity of Croatia Airlines.


18. June 2024.

In the year in which it marks its 35th anniversary, Croatia Airlines, the Croatian national airline and member of the Star Alliance, faces the biggest project in the company's history - renewal of the entire fleet of Croatia Airlines.

Pending the delivery of the first A220 aircraft during July this year, it was unveiled today refreshed visual identity of Croatia Airlines and aircraft, and marked the 30th anniversary of the travel magazine Croatia. 

The renewal of the fleet of the national airline marks a new period of business, which will also be decorated with a refreshed visual identity. The redesigned logo, as well as the new look of the aircraft, further emphasize the company's basic messages: quality, safety, travel comfort and hospitality, while the design of the sign comes close to the design of the tail of the aircraft, for which the company has become recognizable.  

When presenting a refreshed visual identity that will mark the coming period and create recognition on the ground and in the air, Jasmin Bajić, the President of the Management Board of Croatia Airlines emphasized: 

"The rebranding of the national carrier ensured even better visibility and recognition and additionally highlighted the importance of Croatian national identity and the role of Croatia Airlines for the Croatian state, while Croatia Airlines remains, according to renowned experts, one of the best brands in world aviation." 

Tomislav Mihotić, the state secretary at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure pointed out that today together they are witnessing a new historic step on the way to opening an even better future for Croatia Airlines, but also for all of us who, as businessmen, tourists or passengers, will fly on the wings of the national airline.

"In 35 years of existence and provision of transportation services, Croatia Airlines connects Croatian cities with the most important European destinations, in cooperation with airline partners and with the whole world. And as such, he is an immense support for all of us."  Mihotić stated.

Famous Frog, the commercial affairs director of Croatia Airlines added that the new visual identity communicates more simply and easily with passengers and the public, and the first impression of Croatia is even stronger from now on. 

"In addition to new and significantly quieter planes, our passengers will enjoy a more comfortable passenger cabin with wider seats and larger windows, more space for luggage, and fast Wi-Fi. All of the above will open up new possibilities, and our travel magazine Croatia will continue to contribute to the additional comfort and content of our flights, to which I am particularly pleased to congratulate you on its 30th birthday today!", added Frog.

On this occasion, the first aircraft of the new A220 fleet of Croatia Airlines was dressed in a new livery.



Design process4

30th anniversary of travel magazine Croatia

Croatia magazine has been promoting Croatia, its beauty and content for 30 years in a dignified and proper way, and is often a direct recommendation and guide for many travelers who visit Croatia and its destinations, as well as domestic travelers, to whom it often reveals hidden stories and products that we can all use together. be proud. 

Presenting a refreshed visual identity, Ivana Ivanković, the corporate designer of Croatia Airlines and the author of the solution, pointed out that she would agree that Croatia Airlines is a recognizable brand in Europe and the world today. "The historical flag of the Croatian people is the basis of the identity of our airline. The shapes and colors of the flag are significantly supported in the image, transformed into a modern and strong visual constant, while the coat of arms is transformed into a dynamic element. At the center of the visual identity of Croatia Airlines are the sign and the logo. Colors that have their origin in our beautiful history, red and dark blue, are intended as primary colors, while secondary colors emphasize our southern European origin."

Ivanković emphasized that the new sign (logo), redesign of the aircraft and updates confirm the importance of Croatian national identity and the role of Croatia Airlines for the Croatian state. "The new design ensures even better recognition and visibility, while the tail of the aircraft is aligned with the sign itself. Not least,  the sign and logo are compositionally balanced with the Star Alliance logo,  through a modern design in which the squares on the sign are in a position from which the tail of the aircraft is immediately recognizable, which certainly sends a clear message.Ivanković concluded.

By renewing the fleet, which will be decorated with a new visual identity, Croatia Airlines will completely replace all existing aircraft with new ones, which represents a significant technological step forward and greater energy efficiency with 25% lower fuel consumption.



New and better quality A220 aircraft, with a capacity of 149 and 127 seats, the first of which will land in Croatia in July this year, a better response to the specific needs of passengers and a more efficient business model will be ensured, thanks to which additional business opportunities will be opened up along with the gradual expansion of the flight network, which will at the same time ensure better service and even more passenger satisfaction. 

After the arrival of the first aircraft in July, the second aircraft is expected by the end of 2024, while the next six should be delivered in 2025, four in 2026, and three aircraft in 2027, which will make the Croatia Airlines fleet count in total 15 new A220 aircraft. 

This is the largest project in the history of the company, which will enable further development and successful and sustainable operations in the future, but also additionally confirm the position of Croatia Airlines as a strategically important part of the Croatian transport and tourist infrastructure.

Photo: Croatia Airlines 


18. June 2024.