Šibenik-Knin County Brandbook or branding strategy of all TZs in the county under the same visual identity presented

The Tourist Board of Šibenik-Knin County presented the new Brandbook of Šibenik-Knin County, which, among other things, contains the branding strategy and visual identity of all tourist boards from the area of ​​Šibenik-Knin County. But let's go ...

The Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board presented new Brandbook of Šibenik-Knin County which, among other things, contains the branding strategy and visual identity of all tourist boards from the area of ​​Šibenik - Knin County.

But let's go in order.

The Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board finalized the web platform a few years ago www.dalmatiasibenik.hr which is presented as landing page promotions of the entire county, whose goal is primarily to inspire and encourage people to come to the destination, and increase awareness of the destination itself and its products. 

In order to achieve maximum effect with online campaigns, as well as the uniformity of the system at the county level, the novelty is that on the web platform of the Tourist Board of Šibenik-Knin County upgraded websites of local tourist boards.

Although the entire connection process is currently still ongoing, the standards for a unique, responsive design, as well as layout county web mapped to local tourist boards.

“Because all websites are on a single application through a single CMS system, the editorial board is enabled to manage content more easily, and content sharing has resulted in cost reductions. In addition, teamwork between the county and local tourist boards was encouraged, it was possible to quickly and easily maintain all web sites through one system, and quickly and easily add a new tourist board to the application., according to the Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board.

It is for this purpose that it was made Brandbook of Šibenik-Knin County.

“This document is the result of excellent cooperation within the system of tourist boards from the county. A clear vision and promotion strategy is key in further positioning our county as an attractive and quality destination ”, emphasized the director of the Tourist Board of Šibenik-Knin County Željana Šikić.

The views of the region are unique in appearance and visually recognizable.

Šibenik, Vodice, Primošten, Rogoznica, Skradin, Tribunj, Murter, Drniš and Knin have clearly recognizable panoramas, such as: Cathedral of St. Jakov, Fortress of St. Nikola, Kanal sv. Ante, Šibenik fortresses, Skradinski buk, Kornati archipelago, Vodice festivities, Primosten beaches, views and vineyards, Drniš fortifications and gastronomy, Meštrović's works, waterfalls and canyons of Krka and Čikola, Knin fortress, plait with traditional hats, etc.

It is these visually unique photogenic motifs, recognizable at first glance, that are implemented in the visual identity of the destination.

Slogan - So unique, so beautiful

The basic idea of ​​the slogan is to emphasize the nuances of the diversity of the Dalmatia Šibenik region in relation to neighboring destinations and international competition. The slogan consists of four words, divided into two parts of a sentence. The first part is immutable and emphasizes diversity. The second part is changeable and adapts to a particular segment of the offer, product, target group or micro destination.

The basic slogan is used in the means of communication in combination with the logo and the name of the destination. The slogans of individual segments of the offer are used in combination with the logo and the name of the destination and a photograph that describes the meaning of the second part of the slogan.

Common visual identity of all tourist boards, which is harmonized with the umbrella Tourist Board of Šibenik-Knin County

The basic motif of the main sign and logo is the Cathedral of St. Jacob, as a historical link and the spiritual capital of all places in the county.

Colors and shapes from the basic sign were taken as elements from which the signs of places and localities within the destination Dalmatia Šibenik were created. Each place has its own symbol and its own story. At the same time, they are all the building elements in color and shape that make up a unique destination.

Also, the logo system unites the destination as a single whole. At the same time, it allows all places to retain and express their identity. To ensure a consistent display and clearly communicate hierarchy, size ratios between the destination logo and the place logo on the ads where they appear together are clearly defined.

In addition, other logos may appear in the same ad - product logos or quality labels. In such cases, a clear hierarchy must be followed, the Brandbook states.

Šibenik-Knin County is the first with a unique platform

Although extremely rare, this is not the first case that the local tourist boards have visually harmonized with the county tourist association, but it is certainly the first case that we are working on joint communication through the main website of the Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board - www.dalmatiasibenik.hr and the same website design of each local tourist board.

The graphic design for the Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board was made by Antonio Šunjerga, B.Sc. designer. You can see the whole Brandbook in the attachment.

Attachment: Brandbook of Šibenik-Knin County

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