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Website for digital nomads presented - Croatia, your new office

With the recently published online system for electronic submission of applications for digital nomads, Croatia has completed the entire administrative story about attracting digital nomads to Croatia. Now it's time for promotion. So far they are ...

Recently published online electronic filing system for digital nomads, Croatia has completed the whole administrative story about attracting digital nomads to Croatia.

Now it's time for promotion. So far we have global media like CNN and Lonely Planet  and many others, have already provided a huge free media space and global media reach.

Yesterday, the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) published a special one on its website subpage just for digital nomads - Croatia, your new office, which contains all important information related to the registration and stay of digital nomads in Croatia.

Croatia is one of the first members of the European Union to regulate a one-year temporary stay for digital nomads, and this is the result of cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. “Croatian tourism recognizes this opportunity in the context of the development of year-round tourism. With a quality offer and simpler procedures, we strive to attract as many digital nomads as possible and thus promote our destination. The business of digital nomads is an excellent opportunity for the Croatian economy, and we are pleased with the fact that digital nomads are showing increasing interest in many Croatian cities. I believe that Croatia will delight digital nomads with its natural and cultural beauties as well as its authentic offer. I wish all current and future digital nomads a warm welcome to one of the most desirable European destinations - a unique Croatia. ", said the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac. 

The Croatian National Tourist Board has also launched a promotional campaign "Croatia, your new office!" with the aim of positioning Croatia as an attractive and well-prepared destination for digital nomads. The advertising campaign will, in addition to PR and media activities, be conducted through the social networks Facebook and Twitter with a special focus on the markets of the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, the CNTB points out.

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"The aim of the latest campaign is to present Croatia as a country that can guarantee digital nomads a comfortable and safe stay and quality living conditions. Croatia is a country where people speak English to a large extent, a country that offers a unique way of life with authentic experiences, has a good internet connection, favorable climate and beautiful nature, good connections with the rest of Europe, affordable life according to European standards and good and affordable health protection" said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, adding that he expects that the new legal framework and the campaign, which will be carried out periodically throughout the year, will have a positive impact on increasing the number of digital nomads in Croatia in the future.

On the subpage, there is also a map of Croatia by counties, where when you click on a certain county, it leads to the websites of county tourist boards, which are also intended for digital nomads. I have to admit that it is precisely this segment that needs to be improved a lot more, both the county website websites in general and the digital nomad segments.

By the way, the whole story about digital nomads is quite vague in tourist circles, and it is necessary to educate tourist workers, especially workers within tourist communities, to know what and how to communicate on the topic of digital nomads. It is not enough to just make an offer for digital nomads and say come. To banalize only through one small detail, without a wider discussion on the subject. Communication itself in English, from the website to social networks, to posters within the destination (otherwise they should also be in English) and special content targeted at digital nomads. Soon much more on the subject.

But the first step is there, now from the form we have to focus on the content and the rounded story.

According to the latest information, currently 18 applications are being processed for visas for digital nomads, and 5 digital nomads have officially received visas for digital nomads. 

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