Private accommodation last year lost 14 thousand beds and three thousand renters

Exemption from payment of the first installment of the annual flat income tax to private renters, the payment deadline of which is March 31 this year, exemption from payment of tourist tax and membership fee for 2021 for ...

Exemption from paying the first installment of the annual flat income tax to private renters, which is due on March 31 this year, exemption from paying tourist tax and membership fees for 2021 for all who check out their accommodation, provided they did not have registered guests, finding a way lending to private renters based on operations in 2019, or on the basis of providing guarantees or interest rate subsidies (using the already existing HABOR credit line for private renters with the possibility of reprogramming for fixed costs) - the proposals are Family tourism communities HGK za facilitating the business of private renters, a which they sent by letter to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

"Numerous private renters last year recorded a large drop in revenue both due to numerous cancellations and due to lower prices of their services. Therefore, they enter the new season with reduced revenues that are not enough for them to prepare and equip their facilities for the continuation of the season.", Says the president of the Family Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Martina Nimac Kalcina and emphasizes that private renters did not have the opportunity to use measures to help the economy adopted by the Croatian government because they were aimed only at companies and crafts. 

Due to the great uncertainty regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, which continues to affect the tourism sector worldwide, private renters fear that this year will be a crisis and that they will not be able to meet all their obligations to the state from regular operations. "We are in constant contact with private renters and most of them have recorded a very small number of reservations since the beginning of the year, and some have not recorded a single reservation.", Says Nimac Kalcina.

Data at the state level show a decline in the number of beds and taxpayers in private accommodation

Data from the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) show that about 608 thousand beds were registered in household facilities in January last year, while this year their number dropped to about 594 thousand, so it can be seen that 14 thousand beds were lost in private accommodation.

In addition to the reduction, the number of beds also decreased the number of registered private renters, which is about 3 thousand less. At the beginning of the year, about 96 were registered. "Apart from these negative indicators, I am pleased to note that last year, despite the crisis, in higher category facilities with 4 and 5 stars, there was no decline in arrivals, which clearly shows that despite the crisis it pays to invest in the quality of their facilities.", Said Nimac Kalcina and invited all renters to get involved in the work of the Family Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce at both national and local levels.

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