The deadline for the Public Competition for the design of the visual identity of TZ SDŽ has been extended

On September 18, the Tourist Board of Split-Dalmatia County announced a public tender for the design of a visual identity, and the deadline for submission of works...


31. October 2023.

On September 18, the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County announced a public tender for the design of a visual identity, and the deadline for submission of works has been extended. until November 13, 2023 until 15 p.m.

Professional designers - independent authors or creative teams can apply for the competition, and a seven-member judging team will make a decision on the best conceptual solution, as well as the awarding of cash prizes for the first three places.

With the competition, a branding brief as well as the main tourism development plan of TZ SDŽ is attached.

According to eThe sense of the TZ Split-Dalmatia County brand is manifested through defined competitive advantages and elements of differentiation. 

The competitive advantages of SDŽ are: quality (valuable tourist resource base, landscape values, rich cultural and historical heritage - urban units, culture of life and work, UNESCO heritage (4 units), diversity), tradition (a tradition of tourism and a high level of market recognition) and authenticity (tourist potential - beaches, long and indented coast, sea and Dalmatian Zagora, local culture and lifestyle) while the elements of differentiation are defined through: the original "Dalmatian lifestyle", hospitality, safety and relaxation and variety.

The competition work should contain a presentation of the conceptual solution of the basic visual identity of the TZ of Split-Dalmatia County with all characteristic visual elements, defining their interrelationship and rules of use (sign and/or logo, color system, typography system) in printed and digital form. Along with the visual identity, the bidder can offer a suitable slogan.

The new visual identity should contain the colors of the coat of arms and flag of the Split-Dalmatia County - blue (100C, 15M, 15Y, 15K) and yellow (15C, 30M, 80Y). The conceptual solution should contain a visualization of all relevant elements of the system presented in characteristic relationships and examples of characteristic application, thus providing a basis for understanding the proposed concept of identity.

Three cash prizes are awarded. The total prize fund amounts to 12.500,00 EUR net, and it is distributed as follows: 1. prize 7.000,00 euros net 2nd prize 3.500,00 euros net 3rd prize 2.000,00 euros net.

The announcement of the results is scheduled for December 31, 2023. 

All other information and complete tender documentation can be found here: COMPETITION TZ SDŽ 


31. October 2023.