Emission market profiles: Key information from the markets of Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Poland and Hungary

In a special edition of the Homo Turisticus podcast - SEASON2021, we bring you key information from our emitting tourism markets. ...

Author  Goran Rihelj

7. June 2021.

In a special special edition of the podcast Homo Turisticus - SEASON2021 we bring key information from our emitting tourism markets. 

The main goal is to better inform and educate tourism workers about emitting markets, so that especially these, and thus in the future to better position our tourism offer to the mentioned markets, which is in the common interest of all. 

In a five-podcast episode, learn key market information GermanyAustria, Slovenia, Poland and Hungary, our main emitting markets from which we expect a lot this tourist year if the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Croatia and in those countries is favorable.

/ / / Podcast SEASON2021: Branimir Tončinić, Director of the CNTB Austria - profile AUSTRIAN MARKET

/ / / Podcast SEASON2021: Agnieszka Puszczewicz, Director of the CNTB Poland Office - profile POLISH market

/ / / Podcast SEASON2021: Metka Bradetić, Director of the CNTB Slovenia - profile SLOVENIAN MARKET

/ / / Podcast SEASON2021: Ivana Herceg Director of the CNTB Representation from Hungary - profile HUNGARIAN MARKET

/ / / Podcast SEASON2021: Romeo Draghicchio Director of the CNTB Representation from Germany - profile GERMAN MARKET

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Author  Goran Rihelj

7. June 2021.