The project "Total Croatia Travel INFO" won three Polaris for the project of crisis communication in tourism

At the international competition Polaris awards, the Croatian public relations agency Manjgura won as many as three awards for the campaign "Total Croatia Travel INFO - The vacation you deserve is closer ...

At the international competition Polaris awards Croatia Manjgura Public Relations Agency won as many as three awards for the campaign "Total Croatia Travel INFO - The vacation you deserve is closer than you think, you just need to cross the border".

The project is in collaboration with Total Croatia News i Paul Bradbury launched in the summer of 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, with the aim of offering all guests planning to come to Croatia a relevant source of information.

With the support of Mediacor, the Viber community was established Total Croatia Travel INFO through which users received daily updates on measures in force and ways to come to Croatia, and community members were available interface - a virtual assistant, programmed to answer frequently asked questions. However, the efficiency, accuracy and self-sustainability of the project are mostly due to the hard-working volunteers on the project, who throughout the summer, several times a day, updated the most important data and answered questions from users within the TCTI Viber community.

"Following the international HUOJ Grand Prix, three new awards are an additional confirmation of the value of the project, which began with a harmless comment on the border between Croatia and Slovenia. The idea to enable people to get the right information through the channel that is most natural to people today - live chat, has turned into a platform that is continuously growing and today is growing from a Viber community into a real virtual tourist community.", Said the director of Manjgura and the initiator of the TCTI project, Krešimir Macan.

"They usually ask me why we did it at all without any budget and what kept us going. We have become a virtual reception office in Croatia, and the main rule of a good host is not to refuse any guests. And the questions just came. One very important thing that everyone forgets - traveling after a pandemic was very complex and usually challenging in the first steps, for example as they boarded a plane. I am proud to say that all members of our community and those to whom they passed information successfully boarded planes in spite of everything and landed in Croatia. I must once again thank the extremely friendly and professional employees of the Ministry of the Interior, who, in addition to their regular work, have significantly contributed to the accuracy of data in our Viber community.", Said Paul Bradbury, founder of Total Croatia News and Total Croatia, noting that without a kuna promotion, the Viber community has grown to more than 9000 members in a short period of time, accessing up to 200.000 times a month.

The campaign for the introduction of visas for digital nomads in Croatia was also awarded a bronze medal

PR agency Vajt from Split, owned by Jerko Trogrlić and Dutch entrepreneur Jan De Jong, returned home with a bronze medal in the Social Media Campaign category for its great work on introducing a digital nomadic license in Croatia.

The Polaris Award is given under the auspices of the European Association of Political Consultants (EAPC), the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC) and the Latin American Association of Political Consultants (ALCP). Applicants can apply for their campaign in 18 different categories such as Social Campaign, PR Campaign, Radio Campaign, TV Campaign, Mobile Campaign, Fundraising Campaign and the like.

Organizers explain that Polaris is another name for the North Star, the brightest star visible in the northern hemisphere. Just as it has led humanity and many researchers and leaders to their goal for thousands of years, so political advisers lead the candidates, political parties, movements, and leaders of today.

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