The Pag Outdoor and Pag projects are on the menu as positive examples of destination management

At this year's annual awards ceremony, the Tourist Board of Zadar County awarded the Tourist Board of the City of Pag, Tu...

Author  HrTurizam Promo

23. December 2023.

At this year's annual awards ceremony, the Tourist Board of Zadar County awarded the Tourist Board of the City of Pag, the Tourist Board of Kolan Municipality and the Tourist Board of Povljana Municipality in the Destination / Tourist Board category for their efforts in creating and developing additional offers and contributing to the branding of the destination for the year 2023.

Vesna Karavanić, director of TZ of the City of Pag, accepted the award on behalf of the tourist boards who thanked the TZ of Zadar County on behalf of the award winners for a positive example of destination management through cooperation on projects Pag Outdoor i Pag on the menu. Sabina Gligora Sabalić, director of the TZ of the Municipality of Kolan and Neven Tičić, director of the TZ of the Municipality of Povljana, participated in the presentation of the award to the tourism associations of the island of Pag.

Pag on the menu, is a new great tourist story of Pag. It is a special standard "Pag on the menu" which aims to brand the local and regional eno and gastronomic offer of the island of Pag.

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The goal of the project "Pag on the menu" is to establish a special standard for catering establishments, OPGs, small and family hotels, various tasting rooms and the like, on the island of Pag, which offer local and indigenous dishes and drinks, to improve the presentation of gastronomic quality of the island in the tourism sector and to promote the island of Pag as an ideal gastro-tourism destination. 

An excellent example of the synergy of educational institutions, the profession and tourism is a win-win situation for everyone and an example of how profession and knowledge are put first. And as we know, authenticity is the very essence of tourism. 

About the project Pag Outdoor we have written several times, and this is the best example of how outdoor tourism is developing in the destination. 

After the first two years of activities took place during July and August this year, last year the program started already in the first half of June and will end at the end of September. Thus, the event itself has outgrown its initial framework, and since Pag Outdoor Weekend-and became Pag Summer Outdoor or an outdoor program for four months. 

Active vacation with a great gastro scene, excellent accommodation, indigenous stories such as Pag cheese, lamb, plant diversity of the island of Pag, Zrce through festival tourism, Moon Island, etc.… makes this attractive, authentic and dynamic destination that completes all elements into one top and a recognizable tourist product.

The annual awards ceremony was held at the Kolovare Hotel in Zadar, and was attended by numerous guests from the tourism sector. Božidar Longin, Prefect of Zadar County and President of the TZ Zadar County, and Mihaela Kadija, Director of the Tourist Board of Zadar County, addressed the crowd in their welcome speech.

Photo: TZ Zadar County and TZ City of Pag

Author  HrTurizam Promo

23. December 2023.