Promotion of Slavonia on the German market: German television recorded a report "My Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem"

Organized by the Administrative Department for Tourism, Culture and Sports of Osijek-Baranja County, a project of recording a report with the German production company Blue Planet TV entitled "My Slavonia, Baranja ..." was presented yesterday.

Organized by the Administrative Department for Tourism, Culture and Sports of Osijek-Baranja County, a project of recording a report with the German production company Blue Planet TV entitled "My Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem“, Intended for display in the German-speaking area.

Thus, in the past week, a German film crew was in Slavonia and Baranja, shooting a promotional film that will be shown at a minimum of six TV stations throughout the Western European market from January 2021.

It is a report where a famous person from Germany, in this case a gentleman Oliver Hörner, leads viewers through a report by Fr. Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem as an extremely interesting destination of continental Croatia.

The aim of the project is to present Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem as interesting tourist destinations for the western market in order to achieve a better result in the tourism sector after the crown of the crisis in 2021 and encourage tourists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The production of this format involves 5 people from Blue planet TV production and 2 people from the Osijek company Pointers, video and TV production department, who are also actively involved in the organization of production. 

This reportage will be shown and promoted through many numerous channels achieving multi-million viewership, such as broadcasting on ANIXE on trips (one of the most popular German travel video channels), n-TV, RTL-Mediathek-online, RNF, RMTV and many others. Also the reportage will be distributed through Waipu TV platform as well as Amazon Prime and Samsung TV Plus channels.

Krunoslav Weinpert, Pointers: Everyone is positively surprised when they come and see what all we have

Eastern Croatia has thus become the first destination in Croatia that in this way directly entered the German-speaking market and beyond and showed togetherness and activity at a time when it is extremely important for the tourism sector, says the owner of the production company and reception agency, Pointers travel Krunoslav Weinpert adds you:

"Life full of the tradition of this area, Kopački rit, vineyards, Đakovo stables and many other interesting areas that can be an invitation to German tourists have been recorded. The film will last 45 minutes and will be shown 30 times on the German market. The project will ensure the presence of our region on the German market, which has never happened before and I expect that it will encourage citizens to come to this part of Croatia.Weinpert points out.

The members of the team are convinced that the film about Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem will be a great success, and according to Weinpert, who spent all his time with the film crew, everyone is more than pleasantly surprised by what they saw in Slavonia, Srijem and Baranja. Especially small family hotels, which is not crowded, farms, gastronomy, but above all the hospitality of the people in this area.

"Recording the destination at this time enables the broadcast of the final material as early as January 2021, which ensures an earlier increase in the interest of travel enthusiasts for insufficiently explored parts of our beautiful Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem.”Added Weinpert and concluded that the total value of media space on TV stations is more than 360.000 euros.

Tatjana Roth: The only thing we can and must be, is to be agile and to conduct marketing campaigns in order to position ourselves

Last year we did research, and now we are continuing all activities in order to position as many colors as possible on the German market, points out the Head of the Administrative Department for Tourism, Culture and Sports Tatjana Roth and adds that they have excellent cooperation with the agency IDRiva Tours, which gives them all the relevant information from the German market, which says that there is great interest of German tourists to come to Slavonia.

"German guests are our main guests on arrival and overnight stays, after domestic guests. The information we receive from the German market is that the Germans will focus on destinations in the coming period, ie Europe, as well as destinations that are accessible by car. Also, they want to explore some new destinations, where there is no mass tourism, small rural houses, nature, sustainable destinations, organic food are in demand - all these are the benefits we have. And that is why it is important to position oneself, so filming the mentioned report for German televisions is a good investment ” pointed out Roth.

The tourism sector is most affected by the coronavirus epidemic, especially the tourism sector on the continent, adds Roth and emphasizes that tourism entrepreneurs themselves do not have enough financial resources for marketing and promotion, so this report has additional weight, with all activities working on development and promotion. destinations.

"The only thing we can and must be, is to be agile and to conduct marketing campaigns. We must be ready for the moment when the market recovers and tourist trips start, to position ourselves and to be the first choice for German guests ” Roth concluded.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Administrative Department for Tourism, Culture and Sports OBŽ and project partners, namely the Tourist Board of Osijek, Tourist Board of Baranja, Tourist Board of Bilje, Kopački rit Nature Park, City of Đakovo, Tourist Board of Đakovo, City of Donji Miholjac, Donji Miholjac Tourist Board, Erdut Municipality, Bizovačke toplice, Ilok City, Babina Greda Municipality, Cerna Municipality and Pointers travel.

Photo: Pointers travel

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