Promotional film about three Croatian wine roads won gold at the prestigious 'Art & Culture International' festival

Watch the short film 'Wine Road'.


26. March 2024.

A promotional tourist film that unites three wine roads won a prestigious award at the film festival 'The Golden City Gate'.

Work for the duration of 3 minutes and 21 seconds, starring our two famous actresses, shows the natural beauty of the Sveti Ivan Zelina, Samobor and Jastrebarsko wine roads.

In the great competition of candidates from all over the world at the 24th International Tourist Film and Multimedia Competition that took place during the ITB Berlin fair, 'Wine Road' won gold in the category 'Art & Culture International'. The films were evaluated in 18 categories by an international jury of 45 members.

In less than three minutes, the natural beauties of the terraced hills are shown, which on the one hand rest the soul with their calmness, but on the other hand arouse the desire for new experiences and superb gastronomic tastes and the vibrancy of wine in glasses, announced is the Tourist Board of the Town of Sveti Ivan Zelina.

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An invitation to wine and food lovers

That the wine roads radiate a special atmosphere and that tourists can go by car to these destinations, visit wine tasting rooms - wine roads, ride horses, ride bicycles, but also spend the night in unique private accommodation facilities, were shown by the theater actresses. Wanda Winter i Natalija Djordjevic

The film is signed by the production company Balduchi film and the award-winning producer Spomenka Saraga, along with the French director Herve Tirmarche and the Mexican cinematographer-editor Jalil Armi.

The realization was made possible with the co-financing of the Croatian Tourist Board from the Fund for Associated Tourist Boards.

"With this promotional tourist film, we wanted to create an invitation for food and wine lovers and point out that our green county does not lack added value and high-quality content", pointed out the project coordinator Marinka Zubcic Mubrin, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Sveti Ivan Zelina.

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Heritage presentation

The film summarizes the touristic valorization of attractive resources through which visitors can satisfy their touristic (cultural or recreational) need for the consumption of gastronomic and wine offerings through a picturesque presentation of this heritage. 

"This is not the first award, and we hope there will be more. So far, we have won awards at the Swedish Academy of Motion Picture Awards (SAMPA), Box Office Cine Award (India) and Best International Film Festival (Romania).", said Zubcic Mubrin.

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26. March 2024.