Rentlio Rediscover: the only Croatian hotel-tech event again in Zadar

Rentlio Rediscover, the only Croatian hotel-tech networking event, will once again take place in its second edition at Fortis Club Falkensteiner Punta Skal...


23. October 2023.

Rentlio Rediscover, the only Croatian hotel-tech networking event, in its second edition will be held again in the Fortis Club of the Falkensteiner Punta Skala Resort on November 09, 2023.

Rentlio, the leading Croatian hospitality-tech company, is proud to announce the second edition of Rediscover, the only Croatian hotel-tech networking event that brings together leaders, professionals and innovators in the field of hospitality and tourism.

The first edition held last year was an exceptional success, attracting more than a hundred hoteliers from all parts of Croatia. Rentli announces that this year's edition of the Rediscover event will attract twice as many visitors and provide an even better program consisting of panels and lectures held by renowned experts from the travel-tech industry.

"The idea behind Rediscover came from the desire of all of us at Rentli to focus the industry and the public on the need to implement modern technology both in the hotel industry and in other branches of tourism, all in accordance with the needs of today's digital guests. After last year's success, we are extremely happy that this year's edition will be twice as big, and I hereby invite all hoteliers who see technology as a lever for development to join us on November 9 at the Fortis Club.'', says Marko Mišulić, CEO, Rentlio.

Rich program with renowned lecturers

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This year, the overarching theme of the conference is "It's All About the Data", and the focus of the program is on various aspects of data application in the hotel sector. Guests are expected by expert speakers who will cover a wide range of topics, including strategies for efficient data collection and analysis, business optimization and the future of technology in the hotel industry.

The conference program consists of four lectures and one panel. He will hold lectures Marko Mišulić, Rentlio CEO, Erlendur Steinn Guðnason, Sweeply COO, Paul Jeszenszky, founder, consultant and ex-Airbnb, and Ana Šuper Matana, manager at Damiler AG and leadership coach.

Marko Mišulić is the person behind Rentli, the leading regional cloud solution for managing accommodation units. At last year's edition of the Rediscover event, Mišulić gave a lecture in which he reflected on the state of the hotel industry from the perspective of the technologies used by hotels and how these technologies are increasingly difficult to meet the complex preferences and expectations of future guests.

Mišulić also presented i Rentlio Pro, an advanced 3in1 cloud solution (Property Management System, Channel Manager and Booking Engine) intended for managing hotel operations and hotels of all types and sizes. The topic of his lecture this year is "Move Fast & Be Technically Fearless" which represents a kind of retrospective on what has changed in the last year - whether and what changes have taken place and why there is still a fear of changing hotel technology. Among other things, Mišulić will present the innovations in the Rentlio Pro system, which represent an additional step forward for the company in the hotel segment.

An interesting lecture will be held by Erlendur Steinn Guðnason, a representative of the Icelandic company Sweeply, which provides a technological solution for the modernization and optimization of the maintenance of accommodation units. Guðnason has been working in the software industry for more than 20 years, and through his lecture on "Better choices: How 16 hotels used data to improve service, lower costs, and be more eco-friendly – ​​in only five weeks", will reveal how Icelandic hotels used data to identify guest preferences, analyze housekeeping efficiency and monitor feedback in real time, which ultimately resulted in better guest satisfaction, increased revenue and a more sustainable way of performing operational tasks.

This year's edition of Rediscover also brings a lecture Paula Jeszenszkyog, a former Airbnb manager who led the global advertising and media leasing teams during the company's peak growth period. In addition to Airbnb, Jeszenszky also worked in world-famous companies such as Google, eBay and OANDA. The topic of his lecture is "Love Driven Growth: Learnings from a $500M Budget”, and the focus will be on key findings from Airbnb and other companies, primarily from the perspective of using data to understand user behavior. Through his lecture, Jeszenszky will challenge the audience to reconsider the technology they are currently using and the data they have in order to provide a better experience to guests and raise the level of their own services.

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Ana Šuper Matana has been building a career at Daimler AG for 15 years, currently in the position of eDrivetrain manager. He shares his extensive managerial experience at numerous conferences, focusing on the management segment. At Rediscover, he will hold lectures on "Leadership in the 21st century", in which he will take participants on a journey into the world of leadership in the 21st century and present what it is that every leader needs to master in order to positively influence his organization.

Panel discussion: The Future of Smart Hospitality - AI Leading the Way"

In addition to the aforementioned lectures, the program will also include panel discussion which will be moderated by Ivan Brezak Brkan, director of developer content at Infobip and founder of the regional magazine Netokracija. The topic of the panel is "The Future of Smart Hospitality - AI Leading the Way" through which the panelists will discuss the impact of artificial intelligence in modern business, as well as the application of artificial intelligence in the hotel industry. Some of the questions that will be answered are whether domestic and foreign hoteliers are ready to apply artificial intelligence and to what extent, and in what way the practical application of artificial intelligence will change tourism forever.

The panelists will be Darko Bosančić, Commercial Director of Sciant EAD, Mladen Fernežir, Co-founder & Lead Data Scientist of the company Velebit AI and Roberto Gobo, director of digitization at Valamar Riviera. 

Invitation to hoteliers and tech leaders

Rentlio Rediscover is an invite-only event and the number of places is limited, but everyone interested is welcome to express their interest in order to participate in the conference. The event is primarily intended for hoteliers, experts and professionals in the field of tourism. Find more information about the event and registrations on the official event page at

The company Rentlio will provide all Rediscover participants with accommodation in a 5-star hotel within the Falkensteiner Punta Skala resort, and in addition to an extremely interesting and rich program, the participants will also have a Pop-up office where the sponsors and partners of the event will present their own technological solutions, and an evening cocktail parties and networking.

See how it was last year at the 1st Rentlio Rediscover in the attachment.

Even better, my warm recommendation is to watch last year's lectures by Marko Mišulić, the first man of Rentli, who gave an excellent lecture on the future of hotel operations and the inevitable combination of hotel management and technology.

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23. October 2023.