WTTC survey: France continues to break tourism records

Last year, international visitors brought 66,7 billion euros to the French economy, and the consumption of domestic travelers amounted to 135 billion euros.

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24. June 2024.

Research by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has revealed remarkable growth in travel and tourism in France last year. The contribution of the tourism sector to GDP increased by almost 6% on an annual basis to a record 246 billion euros.

Travel and tourism jumped 4,3% above the previous record, representing 8,8% of the total economic output of France, which was the most visited country last year.

The latest research carried out by the WTTC in collaboration with Oxford Economic, showed that the tourism sector in France is full of opportunities, creating more than 172 thousand new jobs, raising the total number of employees to almost 2,9 million across the country, which is 4,7 % above the 2019 level.

This continuous growth strengthens the position of the tourism and travel sector as the main driver of employment. Currently, according to research, one out of every 11 jobs is related to tourism in France.

Last year, international visitors brought 66,7 billion euros to the French economy, while spending by domestic travelers returned to 135 billion euros, surpassing the results of 2019 by 1% and 3% respectively. The latest figures highlight travel and tourism in France as a cornerstone of economic growth and job creation, with Paris standing out as the first choice for international visitors.

Looking to 2024 and the future

This year, the French travel and tourism sector is preparing for the largest economic contribution of 254,7 billion euros. This is an increase of almost 8% compared to the level of 2019. These expectations confirm the significant role of the sector as an economic force, which makes up 9% of the national economy.

As the world's most popular destination, spending by international and domestic tourists is expected to reach unprecedented levels, with forecasts showing total spending of €70,3 and €138,8 billion, respectively. This is in addition to the expected success ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place in France later this year.

"France is setting unprecedented records in travel and tourism, consolidating its status as a top global destination and securing its position on the world stage. This success is not only reflected in the data. President Macron's continued efforts to highlight the economic importance of travel and tourism, its role in creating jobs and its impact on the country's global status were crucial to maintaining France as a top destination", she stated Julia Simpson, President and Chief Executive Officer of WTTC.

According to WTTC forecasts, the prospects for the next decade are extremely good. It is expected that by 2034, the sector will contribute an estimated 310,5 billion euros, or 9,6% of the total economy. This growing sector is also predicted to be a major source of job creation, expected to provide employment for 3,4 million people across the country – 11% of the workforce, representing one in every 10 workers.

Source: WTTC

Author  HrTurizam.hr

24. June 2024.