Complete bike story of the destination: Požega-Slavonia County certified the first "Bike&Bed" accommodations

The Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonska County has achieved a significant step in the promotion of outdoor offers through the Zlatna Slavonija Outdoor project. Introduced...


February 16, 2024.

The Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonska County has achieved a significant step in the promotion of outdoor offers through the project Zlatna Slavonija Outdoor.

Introduced standard label for accommodation "Zlatna Slavonija Bike&Bed" provides accommodation service providers in PSŽ with additional valorization of their services on the market. The introduction of this standard for a special category of tourist offer enables an individual accommodation facility to display a mark guaranteeing the consumer the provision of additional services for the reception of cyclists and cycle tourists.

Awarding of certificates for the first 10 accommodation facilities standard bearer was held in the Small Town Hall of the Požega-Slavonska County, during which the service providers received their certificates and boards with the object's mark, along with additional information about future promotion, project development and joint activities.

The owners of the accommodation facilities adapted their contents and thus fulfilled the standardized criteria, which included the establishment of a system of information on the bicycle offer, adaptation of the space for bicycles and equipment, enabling service and repair of bicycles and the possibility of using various services such as washing and drying clothes, renting bicycles and equipment, transportation as needed and more.

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The project "Zlatna Slavonija Outdoor" represents a continuous process of development and investment in special forms of tourism, which the Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County implements, combining an approach to the development of tourism with a focus on the promotion of active vacations and the exploration of the natural beauty of Zlatna Slavonia.

"In cooperation with experts, the Tourist Board makes significant progress in raising awareness of the area's tourist offer and creates a positive perception among domestic and foreign guests. The introduction of the Bike&Bed standard is part of the "Golden Slavonija Outdoor" project co-financed by the Croatian Tourist Board through the Fund for Tourist Insufficient developed areas and the continent." point out from TZ Požega-Slavonia County. 

Certification "Bike&Bed"accommodation is just another step forward in the wider story of the project Zlatna Slavonija Bike&Bed.

Bike routes and maps have already been created, the cycling guide of the Požega-Slavonia County in Croatian and English, bike guides have been trained, bike services have been provided in the destination, such as the provision of specialist services such as rental, service and transport of bicycles, and now as the last Bike&Bed accommodations are also Korac certified. A rounded bike story of destiancia.

See more information about the criteria for the introduction of the Bike&Bed standard in Požega-Slavonia County here, and all tourist information about cycle tourism in Požega-Slavonia County can be found at  website

Nowadays, nobody really has an excuse other than travel agencies that there is nothing to do in Slavonia. Travel agencies can make programs of a minimum of 10 days.

Additional info. Slavonia is not only flat, and the Požega-Slavonia County is precisely the area that shatters the usual perception of "flat" Slavonia, considering that here, in addition to plains with fertile arable land, there are also mountains and mountains, forested higher parts, and vineyards and green oases in in fact, ideal for driving on two wheels. 

Also, from the depths of the former Pannonian Sea, the peaks of Papuk - Slavonian mountains rise to almost a thousand meters above sea level. Papuk Nature Park, which is also the first UNESCO geopark in the Republic of Croatia.

Photo: Požega-Slavonia County Tourist Board 


February 16, 2024.