Season without Corona and Corona season

The duration of the tourist season in fear of the Corona. The main tourist season, or rather the main holiday season began with the first days of July. This period coincides with the summer school ...

The duration of the tourist season in fear of the Corona. The main tourist season, or rather the main holiday season began with the first days of July. This period coincides with the summer school holidays in most European countries.

People are eager to travel

People eager to travel after more than a year of a continuous rhythm of closing and opening, tightening and mitigating protective measures against the Corona epidemic, rushed to the main family vacation. The favorable epidemic situation in most EU countries has enabled migration from the north to the south of Europe.

Each country is trying to better organize the reception of foreign tourists, so Croatia has simplified the protocol of entry of those tourists who meet the conditions for possession of the so-called "covid passport". Everything looks good, tourism is returning, and hope for the "old normal" is returning.

"But" factor

But there is always a "but". The situation with the pandemic is such that in different parts of the world some countries fail to organize to fight this disease.

Protection measures are not respected, or they do not exist at all, there are no vaccines. This leads to the free circulation of the virus in the population, a mutation that makes the virus spread faster but also more resistant to some types of vaccines. A large percentage of patients are hospitalized and a large number of deaths due to the collapse of the health system. Travelers from those countries transmit the virus to other countries.

Currently, such a situation has occurred with the transfer of the so-called "delta strain" from India to the UK and through tourists from the UK and Portugal. Russia is also dominated by this strain of the virus, which infects a poorly infected population in densely populated cities at a rapid pace.

Season without Corona and season Corona

Given that the population infection rate should reach at least 80% and that the percentage of vaccinated and those who have survived Corona in all countries is below 50%, such a situation is conducive to the seasonal intensification of the epidemic.
Mass tourist trips are an inevitable route of virus transmission and the beginning of the school year is an ideal combination for spreading the infection in the population. The problem is all the more complex because young people and children have almost no symptoms (they have a strong, healthy immune system), so without persistent testing, the spread of the infection cannot be brought under control.

Young people who want to socialize and have fun are the last to get vaccinated, so this is another aggravating circumstance. The low incidence and favorable epidemic situation give the impression of a return to the "old way", so the hitchhiking for the vaccine until yesterday turns into resistance to vaccination.

The Achilles heel of Western democracy

In all of this, everyone is to blame and no one is to blame for the real danger of an increase in the number of infected, an increase in incidence and the classification of a region into a covid 19 risk area. I would say that such a scenario is actually inevitable.

We in Europe do not have an efficient undemocratic state apparatus like China that put the epidemic under control even before the vaccines were put on the market. Life in China has been going on normally for almost a year now, with strict protection measures in place. The Chinese economy has recovered very quickly and so has their domestic, domestic tourism. The weakness of the Western, democratic, world-friendly social order is precisely the efficiency in managing major crises.

The reasons are too complex for this short text but this topic is also interesting for comparisons of other areas of socio-economic life of the West and the Far East.

In any case, this misfortune will, unfortunately, follow us longer than we thought. We will live with it, we will adjust to it. Until we achieve the necessary infection. We hope that there will be as few human victims as possible, both from cause-and-effect diseases and from the long-lasting economic crisis.

Author: Nedo Pinezić, / Photo: Frank Albrecht

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